BYU Wins Holy War

BYU Wins Holy War
George, like Collie and Harline before him, is now still open!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Mark's Thoughts: Who Should Be Shooting the Ball for the Jazz

When you are watching any game it happens, people will shot the ball. Normal game in game out, no big deal. That is until that certain player takes a shot. He jacks one up, the people in the room with you go quiet, you can hear everyone exhale at once, and then praise/spite is quickly given depending on the out come of the shot. I have broken down and ranked who I like see shooting the ball for the Jazz, to the people I never want to take a shot ever.

Give Them the Ball

1-Deron Williams – He is the only player on the Jazz that can create his own shot. His cross over is other worldly, and he has the size to finish at the rim. Also he has ice water in his veins. It could be the first shot of the game or a game winning jump shot, he will take the shoe the exact same way.
2- Memo Okur – He is slumping this year. Yet, he has a good resume from last year to jack up any shot he wants. He was the offense last year when the games got into crunch time. That was largely due to team playing him wrong and forcing their big to try and chase him around the three point line. Now teams will send someone to get in his face beyond the three point line, preventing him from getting set for his shot. With the addition of Korver the Jazz should be able to free him up more on the perimeter. Then look out Memo will start dropping the outside bombs like last year.
3- Carlos Boozer – Every time he takes the 18-foot jump shot I panic. That ball really seems to go straight up and then straight down. I really do think some time during his career he will hit a jumbo tron with a shot. Although the shot does take a roundabout way to get there, it does get there. Like Memo and D-Will he isn’t afraid to take the shot when the game is on the line. I would like to see him take more shot going inside, but if the jumper is falling it is a lethal weapon.
4- Kyle Korver- The man can shot. He hasn’t figured out where to get his shots off from inside the offense yet, but when he puts it up it most likely is going to drop. Once he starts shooting when he comes off of screens his game will go to another level.

If It Is a Shot inside the Offense

5- Paul Millsap – He is a very good finisher around the basket. Also he has a good shot from ten feet away. It would be nice to see him add a contestant jump shot from 16-18 feet away. Yet, if he is shooting the ball it usually is a good thing.
6 – Andrei Kirilenko – As long as it doesn’t involved a keep possession I am okay with AK taking a jump shot, or taking it to the basket. Although, he doesn’t make many lay up in a one on one situation he is very good at drawing contact and getting to the line. That is something that other big men on the Jazz have been very reluctant to do.
7- Matt Harpring – He has now moved to crafty veteran status by perfecting a few shots on the court: the baseline jump shot, the jump shot at the top of the key coming off the screen, and the post up moves on the smaller players that guard him. If he isn’t asked to create on his own, Harpring is great in the offense.

Young and Streaky

8- Morris Almond – It isn’t a fluke that he put up 51 in the D-league. The guy can score. He has a great shot and will develop into a serviceable two guard in the NBA. If he is feeling it, he should put it up.
9- C.J. Miles – He has done the D-league thing, and is looking a lot more confident when shooting. He isn’t afraid to put up shots when the game is on the line. Seeing his place on this list….not a good thing, yet. He needs to better understand his role on the team and play within the offense.
10- Ronnie Brewer- Dunks and layups. That is what he lived off during the start of the season. He is very good at exploding and finishing underneath. He needs to get the ball in better positions to score underneath. Yet, he is streaky outside of five feet. If he is feeling the shot, he can light up the scoreboard. If it isn’t it will be a long stretch to have him in the game.
11 – Ronnie Price – I am shocked that he doesn’t get more playing time over Hart. The offense runs better with him on the court, he has a much better shot, and he bring instant energy. He is low on the list due largely to the incomplete knowledge of what he is capable of due to lack of playing time.

Unless it is a layup (wide open underneath the hoop with no one around you) , PASS THE BALL!!

12- Kyrylo Fesenko – The big guy can rumble. I would still like to see him get most of his points from offensive put backs. In coming years he maybe the center the Jazz have been waiting for since the franchise began. For now PASS THE BALL!!!
13- Jason Collins – Collins has been great now that he knows his role. Which is to PASS THE BALL!!!

Did We See Him Shot the Ball Before We Signed Him?

14- Jason Hart – Come on did he learn to shot the basketball in the fifth grade and decide that was the shot he would keep for the rest of his life. My wife commented that she shots the ball the same way, from the waist. I really don’t think that Kevin O’Conner saw him shot the ball before he signed him. Seeing that this is the case, I am shocked that he gets playing time over Ronnie Price. Price beat him out in Sacramento for a reason, and it is obvious why here.

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