BYU Wins Holy War

BYU Wins Holy War
George, like Collie and Harline before him, is now still open!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Week 12 Power Rankings

1)BYU - Why are they not in the Top 25? The major reasons is the losses to UCLA, and Tulsa back to back. Both teams have done nothing since beating BYU and all national attention has been stunted by the lack of exposure. So what does BYU need to get back on the dance for of the national scene? They need to win, and win big this week and hope some team above them drop so they can be ranked going into the Holy War.
2) Utah - So Kyle laid the hammer down on the Pokes. I was on board for the beat down up until the point that they tried for an onside kick up 43-0. There is no reason on the planet to try for an onside kick up 43-0, unless you are just classless....sounds about right. Utah is rolling, but look out for the Lobos.
3) Air Force - They beat down Notre Dame and are now getting national attention. (Go figure play one game on real national TV and you get national people talking about you...WOW!) Air Force might end the season 9-3 and not go to a bowl game. That would be the biggest slap in the face for the cadets.
4) New Mexico - This is the perfect scenario for the Lobos to steal one at Rice-Eccles. They bounce back from a 37-0 beat down against TCU with a win against the best 1-8 team in the nation Colorado St. Utah is being force to focus on a stupid onside kick call from the Wyoming game. Watch out for the Lobos!
5) San Deigo St. - Bowl eligible. Yes that is right the Aztecs have a chance to become bowl eligible. They are sitting at 4-5 and have won two straight. If they can steal one of the next two games against Air Force or TCU, the BYU game will be in a whole new light. They will be playing to end the season .500 and have enough win to become bowl eligible. Will they go bowling even if they get to 6? No, but having that number could build momentum for next year.
6) Wyoming - "Did I guarantee a victory?" Maybe the dumbest thing said all year by Glenn, and if given the opportunity he would've probably just keep a lid on it. Yet, after losing big to Utah and now losing 4 of their last 5 games, look for Wyoming to be ready to give the Cougars all they can handle.
7) TCU - OVERRATED!!! Enough said.
8) Colorado St. - Congratulations you have crawled back out of the basement, due to the fact that UNLV has fallen apart. Yet, with a D-1AA team coming to town look for CSU to get their second win of the season and carry that into Wyoming.
9) UNLV - They are who we thought they were, and if you want to crown them, then crown their (bleep).

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