BYU Wins Holy War

BYU Wins Holy War
George, like Collie and Harline before him, is now still open!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Week 11 Power Rankings

The picture is looking that much clearer and the game looming on November 24Th is getting that much bigger. It looks like BYU vs. Utah game will be the key to deciding who will win the Mountain West Conference. With New Mexico getting destroyed by a surprise performance from TCU, and San Diego St. doing something no one could have predicted(except for me(sorry I was really excited when I called that game)) It looks to be a two horse race; Air Force still can factor in but it would take three losses from BYU for Air Force to play a role. Mark your calendar because this game will be good.

1) BYU- Long lay off hurts the Cougs early, but CSU was unable to take advantage of the mistakes. Short week to prepare for the Horn Frogs, it will be interesting to see which TCU team shows up to play.
2)Utah- Had the week off which can do nothing but help Brian Johnson to heal and be more of a threat on the field. Mack is what the Utes have been missing early in the season and continues to tear through defenses. Look for Utah to add to their five game winning streak.
3)Air Force- The cadets beat Army. Stay healthy and have a favorable schedule ahead. They also are the only other team in the Mountain West who is perfect at home so fat this season. Look for the Cadets to keep flying high(that was a really bad pun!)
4)TCU- OVERATED!!!! They showed what they are capable doing against a good New Mexico team. I think it was a flash in the pan. Look for the old Horn Frogs to appear Thursday in Provo.
5)New Mexico- Even with the lose to TCU it was hard rating them this low. Look for them to rebound and jump up the rankings with a game against CSU at home. Still that was embarrassing what TCU did to them on Saturday.
6)San Diego St.-Good for the Aztecs, they had heart and made a huge comeback to beat the Pokes. That might be a season changing victory, although they have to go to UNLV and Air Force before finishing at home with TCU and BYU, so it will be interesting how much momentum they can carry over to finish the year.
7)Wyoming- They might not get to six wins. They play Utah this week and then follow up by playing BYU after a long rest and end with the rivalry game were CSU could very well be playing for Coach Lubick job. Many cowboys fans won't be pleased to have an excuse to leave Laramie.(any reason to leave is a good reason)
8)UNLV- They are who we thought they are!!! Looking like the team that everyone thought they would be to begin the season. Man the Utes want that game back.
9)CSU- The best 1-now 8 team in the nation. They would walk all over the Irish...that is if Sunny would let them. Watching this team was brutal, why? They have all the talent in the world, but they have a terrible offensive scheme. The defense is ancient. The playing calling extremely questionable. It is time for some type of change in Fort Collins, for Lubick sake I hope he lets go of the offensive coordinator to buy a year to try and fix the problem.

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