BYU Wins Holy War

BYU Wins Holy War
George, like Collie and Harline before him, is now still open!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Rocket 106 Utah Jazz 95

Fast Final Five: (Five post game thoughts about the game; I will do this for every Jazz game for the rest of the season)
One)Top guys from each team:
Winners: T-Mac WOW!!! The Jazz tried so many different looks to slow him down, and there just wasn't anything they could do. When the Jazz doubled and denied they did slow him down, but with the officials letting Yao do anything he wanted on the release screen the slight success was short lived.
Losers: Carlos Boozer is a beast. 30 pts 16 rebounds and over fifty percent shooting from the floor. It was fun to watch Booz go shot for shot with the Rockets down the stretch, until for no reason the Jazz stopped giving him the ball. What made his night more impressive is the huge front court the rockets have. Nice game no win.
Two)I really liked the way the officials called the Warriors game. They let things go and let people play. Tonight was everything that was wrong with the officiating. Flopping and start treatment made for a slog fest. You can't blame the officials for the loss, they did call it pretty even, but you can have a better product to watch if you eliminate the poor officiating.
Three) I took a huge breath and I am still worried about Deron Williams wrist. Flashbacks of AK breaking his wrist on a very similar play. (The play being Battier jumping underneath a player going to the hoop which IS a VERY dirty play) Hopefully it was just a stinger and he will be able to shake it off.
Four) No bench production! The Jazz only had a total of 11 bench points. That is a very bad sign considering the bench was the strength of the Jazz last season. The play of back up point guard Jason Hart was shaky at best. He was 0-4 on the night, and only had two assists. I know I said I would give him a week...but is Dee Brown able to come back? The offense came to a halt with him on the court. Yet, with the inept bench play Brewer wasn't in the game in the fourth quarter. Who was? C.J. Miles. Not a good move.
Five) 69% from the free throw line won't get it done for the Jazz. Have to knock down the freebies.

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