BYU Wins Holy War

BYU Wins Holy War
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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mark's Thoughts: The 10 Best Sports Video Games Ever

After being sent a link to a youtube video featuring the greatest Tecmo Super Bowl run that I have ever seen. Without a doubt Bo Jackson is the best player on the game, with a close second being LT, and it was amazing any time you were able to beat your friend when they were the Raiders. It did lead me to look back at the many hours I have spent playing sports video games in my life. So I would like to create the list of, "The Top Ten Sports Video Games Ever." I didn't want to split hairs and try to find the best years for each title(comparing Madden 08 to Madden 02 for example) and rather just list the franchises.

11) Double Dribble - Alright, already I am taking a Big Ten approach to the list including 11. Double Dribble makes the list due to the model it created for all future basketball games. Including the shot meter which has been used in every good basketball simulation game since. It was also the first game to perfect the steal feature, although it was far to easy and would lead to 5-20 steals per basket when playing another player.
10) Tiger Woods Golf - Honestly this is the only game I have never played for more then half and hour. It only make the list due to reviews, and recommendations from others. From the time I have played I was very impressed.
9) Duck Hunt - I never knew if the creators ever named that dog, but it had to be the most hated animals in America during the 1980's. For the amount of bullets shot at the dog it would be safer in a hunting party with Bob Knight and Dick Chenney.
8) Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball - This game established the perfect balance of realism and arcade features in a game. The home run derby was the first good sub game put into a video game. The down fall of the game was the way the weighted Griffey, making him far to good.
7) NBA Jam - The best arcade sports game ever made. The burning nets after hitting three straight shots giving you unlimited boost and ability to hit half court threes were awesome. Plus, the crazy triple flip dunks lead to many future titles taking it way to far. (NBA Street is NBA Jam on crack)
6) Tony Hawk Skating - This is what made skating terminology known through out the country. The original is still the best because it keep the game simple. You didn't have to do crazy grind after grind to get to secret locations, rather it just required one special trick to get into the back locations.
5) NCAA Football (EA Sports) - This game would be average if not for the dynasty mode. The ability to make your team into a juggernaut, and move into the major conferences. Also the addition of the campus legend is awesome. Great game franchise.
4)RBI Baseball - This is the best baseball game ever made. Why is it the best? It is simple, and pure. You don't have to push crazy combinations of buttons to make the game go, but it is detailed enough for each player to have their own abilities. It has stood the test of time and is still a quality game to play.
3) Madden Football - You are an establishment when you have a recognized curse associated with who is on your cover. It made the phrase, "He should have hit the X receiver over the middle." perfectly understandable in any football situation. Not bad for a guy that was better known before the game for his Turducken.
2) Mike Tyson's Punch Out - Glass Joe, Bald Bull, Piston Honda, Don Flamingo... the perfect opponents for Little Mac and his climb up the ranks. What made it even better was the fact that many thought - including the designers of the game- that Mike Tyson was unbeatable. Making the beating of Tyson that much better when it happened.
1) Tecmo Super Bowl - The best sports game ever made. The development of a play book, the ability to throw to more then one receiver, diving on defense, and the start of the kicking game in video games. Bo Jackson alone took this game from good to great.

Honorable Mentions: NHL (mid 90's), Track and Field, (with the power pad) Blades of Steel, Gran Turismo, (may be the best game on the entire list; however, I couldn't fit it truthfully in a sports category when Racing is its own genre) NBA Street, Excite Bike, FIFA Soccer, Arch Rivals, Hot Shots golf.

Feel free to share your own list, or e-mail suggestions that I might have missed.

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