BYU Wins Holy War

BYU Wins Holy War
George, like Collie and Harline before him, is now still open!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Jazz Preditions for December


11-5. Not exactly the12-1 start from last year, but still 11-5 is nothing to hang a head over. There are definitely things about this team which are huge improvements:

1) The stepping forward of a consistent shooting guard in Brewer
2) AK is playing like the AK of old
3) Williams and Boozer are continuing their improved performances from the playoffs last season.
4) More commitment to the offense, less games were everyone on the team is trying to pad their own stats.
Yet, there are a few problems that need to be addressed before the team can step to the elite status in the West:
1) Okur has to be more consistent.
2) The bench play has to improve to the level of last season. This year the Jazz are relying far to much on the starting five and not getting the any production from the bench. This is due largely to a fall in production from Millsap, an injury to Harpring, and Giricek's revisit to the doghouse.
3) Continuance of poor interior defense.
December is a very important month for the Jazz. The Jazz will have their first exposure to the elite teams of the West, and the annual pre-holiday Eastern road trip. How will the Jazz fair?
The Prediction
Nov 30 Lakers W
Dec 3 Miami W
Dec 4 @ Sacramento W - Although it will be hard fought coming off a traveling back to back
Dec 7 @ San Antonio L
Dec 8 @ Dallas L - Maybe the most brutal back to back their possibly can be in the league.
Dec 11 Portland W
Dec 12 @ Phoenix W - The Jazz match up extremely well with the Suns
Dec 15 Seattle W
Dec 17 @ Atlanta W
Dec 19 @ Charlotte W
Dec 21 @ Orlando L - It should be considered a huge victory to go .500 on this road trip.
Dec 22 @ Miami L - Wow, this month is filled with brutal back to backs.
Dec 26 Dallas W
Dec 28 @ Lakers W
Dec 29 Boston L - Back half of a back to back against a team the Jazz match up poorly with.
Dec 31 Portland W
11-5 overall 5-1 at home, and 6-4 on the road.

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