BYU Wins Holy War

BYU Wins Holy War
George, like Collie and Harline before him, is now still open!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Week 13 Mountain West Football Predictions

"The Game" is finally here...

Last week was another rough week for Scott. Here are the results/standings:

Mark[Last Week 7-1(.875) 74-35(.678) Head-To-Head 5-4-2]
Scott[Last Week 3-5(.375) 69-40(.633) Head-To-Head 4-5-2]

The Holy War is here and it should be a classic. Here are the predictions:

The Big Podcast GAME OF THE WEEK
#14 BYU @ #7 Utah 4PM MT The Mtn

This game is coming down to two major factors. First, can the Utah defense slow down the Cougars' offense? When Utah faced two offenses that were similar to BYU they gave up huge yardage. 405 yards of total offense to Oregon State, and 416 yard to TCU. Utah was able to give up this amount of yardage because neither Oregon State or TCU was able to put the game away. BYU's offense has proven that they can move the ball and put the ball in the end zone. Second, can BYU's defense stop Utah's offense? BYU has really struggled to stop even an average passing attack. Brian Johnson is the key to beating BYU, if Brian Johnson is able to throw the ball Utah should win the game. The game should be another nail-biter, and I think it will be high scoring.

BYU 48 Utah 42 OT

BYU 33 Utah 31

Colorado State @ Wyoming 12PM MT The Mtn

According to "The Mtn" this is the other great rivalry in the Mountain West Conference. Yet, like many things that "The Mtn" reports it just isn't true. There are better games played in the conference every year. This year's edition shouldn't be a real contest.

Colorado State 35 Wyoming 17

Colorado State 31 Wyoming 20

Air Force @ #16 TCU 1:30PM MT

With all of the hype that the BYU vs Utah game is getting(and rightfully so), this game is failing through the cracks. This should be a very good game. Air Force could give TCU problems with their option attack. Yet, playing at home should give the Horned Frogs a big boost.

TCU 17 Air Force 10

TCU 24 Air Force 13

UNLV @ San Diego State 6PM MT

Is this game over yet? The Rebels become bowl eligible in a snooze-fest.

UNLV 56 San Diego State 14

UNLV 42 San Diego State 28

Michigan @ #10 Ohio State 10AM MT ABCHD

I smell an upset. Michigan has had a terrible season; however, Michigan has been in the majority of the games they played this year. The rivalry will make this game a winnable game for the Wolverines, and Ohio State is looking too far ahead to how the BCS is going to break down.

Michigan 24 Ohio State 21

Ohio State 38 Michigan 17

#15 Michigan State @ #8 Penn State 1:30PM MT ABCHD

This is the game that will decide the champion of the Big Ten, and it should be very good. The game will feature two talented running backs. Michigan State struggled to move the ball on the ground against a good Ohio State defense, and Penn State's defense is better. Penn State wins the conference at home.

Penn State 35 Michigan State 14

Penn State 27 Michigan State 21

#9 Boise State @ Nevada 2PM MT ESPN2HD

Boise State has not played anyone this entire season! The Broncos beat the Oregon Ducks largely because the Ducks were playing their third string quarterback due to injuries. Nevada has a very good offense, and two running backs that have over 1,000 yards. Boise State will run into trouble against the Wolf Pack.

Nevada 42 Boise State 31

Boise State 42 Nevada 31

#2 Texas Tech @ #5 Oklahoma 6PM MT ABCHD

This game will be awesome. The two offenses in this game should put up some serious numbers. Sam Bradford's numbers this year are amazing, 3,406 yards and 38 Touch downs; however, Bradford's numbers are nothing in comparison to Graham Harrell's 4,077 yards and 36 touchdowns. This game should come down to whichever offense has the ball last in the game. Oklahoma will have enough in its tank to defeat Texas Tech.

Oklahoma 56 Texas Tech 49

Oklahoma 38 Texas Tech 35


Anonymous said...

The Cougars are goin' down baby!

Matt said...

Scott "Benedict Arnold" Springer the first. Scott is a closet buckeye fan! Even if picking ohio state is the smarter pick, you don't pick against your team on rivalry week!
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A: One is a bottom-feeding, scum sucker, and the other is a fish.

Q: Where was O.J. hiding right before the famous white Bronco chase?
A: On the University of Michigan campus. That's the last place you would find a football player.