BYU Wins Holy War

BYU Wins Holy War
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Monday, November 24, 2008

Final Regular Season Mountain West Conference Power Rankings

Utah wins the Holy War, breaks into the BCS again, and claims the top spot in the regular season power rankings...

Utah is the outright conference champions after taking care of business against BYU in the Holy War. Utah now is just watching score, and waiting to see if they will play in the Sugar, Orange or Fiesta Bowl. There is also an odd waiting game that will take place between BYU and TCU if Boise State doesn't get a BCS bowl, and they play in the Poinsettia Bowl. If that were to occur then BYU and TCU would both want to avoid being selected by the Las Vegas Bowl(The Vegas Bowl gets the first selection of either TCU or BYU). Here are the final regular season Mountain West Power Rankings:

1)Utah - The Utes are perfect, and did what they needed to do to beat every team in the conference.

2)TCU - For all but one quarter the Horned Frogs were the best team in the Mountain West Conference. The problem for TCU is that the one quarter they chocked they were playing Utah. TCU is now in the running, with BYU, to be the team that doens't get selected by the Las Vegas Bowl. Poinsettia Bowl is the real non-BCS prize seeing it will pit either TCU/BYU against Boise State.

3)BYU - Max Hall's performance cost the Cougars a shot at beating the Utes and slipping into the BCS. The Cougars only had two mis-steps the entire season, but both were disasters. The Cougars have the majority of their team coming back for Hall's Senior season, and it is important for them to play well in whatever bowl game they play in.

4)Colorado State - The Rams made a quick turn around this year, and are back on track to getting back to being a power player in the conference.

5)Air Force - The Falcons had two tough games to end the season facing BYU and TCU. They competed in both games, but weren't able to do enough to win. The good news for the Falcons is a chance to play in a bowl game. Air Force is young and will get better over the next few years.

6)San Diego State - The Aztecs came up with a big win to end the season, and the athletic director gave a vote of confidence to Chuck Long that he would survive the sub-par season. After the vote of confidence the Aztecs fired Chuck Long and are in a market for a new coach.

7)UNLV - The Rebels let too many games get away from them this season, and it cost them a chance to play in a bowl game.

8)New Mexico - Four straight losses to end the season, and Rocky Long stepping down was a terrible way for the Lobos to end their season.  It will be hard for New Mexico to replace Long and get the offense back on track next year.  

9)Wyoming - Joe Glenn fired, and thankfully the Cowboys' season is over.


Larr said...

its been a long great season as a Utah fan. amazing how many people bring up 1984 but hey when you get killed you gotta hold on to something. I heard a couple of good lines this week playing off of byu's "where magic happens"
byu- where you quarterback is our best player happens
where getting your score doubled happens
where having the quest completed, just not for you happens
where your heisman canidate throws five ints happens
where austin collie doesn't happen
where your home field is the vegas bowl happens
where who's doing the right things off the field happens
where 1984 stills matters happens
where no magic happens
where paul kruger happens
where you have no defense happens
where brian johnson 30-36 with four td's happens
24-48 'NUFF SAID

Mark said...

Seriously for a second, I am worried about Max Hall. That was a historically bad game, and I am worried that this is going to mess with his mind. Especially with all of the BYU fans that are killing Hall and calling for his head. I still think that he is a very good QB. I just hope that he doesn't crumble like Lance Rice or John Walsh.