BYU Wins Holy War

BYU Wins Holy War
George, like Collie and Harline before him, is now still open!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Quick Hits: The Return of the Blog

So much to talk about in the world of sports...

Well school was pretty intense over the summer, and it took priority over writing. Also I needed to walk away from writing for a few days to reset for the next semester. Enough about the excuses of why I haven't been writing, here are a few quick hits...

Men's 4 x 100 Relay Best Swimming Race Ever - The race had everything. The US men's team set a world record in the preliminaries. The record lead the French team's anchor Alain Bernard to announce they would "smash" the Americans in the finals. A finals team that would include Michael Phelps, who didn't swim in the preliminaries when the US set the world record. Phelps gave the United States a lead over the French (although the US trailed the Australian team, who would later fade to third). Over the next two legs of the race the US lost the lead to the French, and in the first half of the fourth and final leg the French swimmer, Alain Bernard, had a full body length lead on American anchor Jason Lezak. Then Jason Lezak turned it on. In the final 50 m he ran down the French anchor, who is also the world record holder for the 100m free style. Leading to a split-second finish as both swimmers hit the wall within .08 of a second of each other. What amazed me more was how pumped up I was during, and following the race. Watching it at my parents house it sounds like, from what I've read this morning, we repeated a scene that happened in houses across America. Anger over the French quote. Worry that Phelps didn't give the US a large lead going into the second leg of the race. Dread as the French took the lead during the next two and a half legs of the race. Then pure passion as we scream at the TV as Jason Lezak made his move on Alain Bernard, trying to will him to victory from the other side of the globe. A moment of silence as the two men touch the wall, waiting to see who touched first. Then pure joy, rivaling the joy experienced after a Jazz playoff victory, as the results show that Jason Lezak touched first and the US took home the gold. Amazing doesn't do the race justice, it will be a race remembered for quite a while.

HA HA The French Lost - Man it is great to beat the French. I think that is why we, as Americans, enjoy Lance Armstrong so much. Not only is he an amazing athlete that beat cancer, but every time he won the Tour de France, he was humiliating the French. In the 4 x 100 relay, the same thing happened again to the French. The smugness was washed away, as the Americans celebrated the victory. Alain Bernard, not a good idea to pump up the Americas by dropping smack talk before the race. Next time you want to do something like that, go grab a stick and poke a bear the same results will happen. This was another classic French blunder, and it was great to watch.

Who Has Control of the i-pod in Beijing? - Beach Volleyball has been great to watch. Although, if you get a chance listen to the music in the background played between points. It is hilarious! The music is the oddest assortment of songs. Ranging from hip-hop to classical. From Techno to the Beach Boys. It wouldn't be as odd, if the music at the other venues didn't follow suit. The venues are amazing, but the music could be improved.

How Old are the Chinese Gymnasts? - I don't really care; however, there is no way that half of the female Chinese gymnast team is over 16. (The age requirement to compete in the Olympics.) It is also funny that the IOC, notorious for claiming to be so strict on rules, is turning a complete blind eye when the age difference is obvious. Especially after the huge scandal that occurred during the 2004 Olympics with Paul Hamm and his individual all-around gold medal over a complete technicality. Gymnasts and ices-skating the two most corrupt parts of the Olympics people just can't watch enough.

Brett Favre - Wow! I just don't get it. I understand that Favre put the Packers in an awkward position with his retirement/un-retirement. Yet, if would be like Stockton saying he was finished after the Kings series, retiring, and then saying he wanted to come back right before training camp the following year. Only to have the Jazz tell him, and the fans of the Jazz, no we decided it is time to move on and Carlos Arroyo is our future. Kevin O'Connor wouldn't make it to his car after that press conference without an armed escort. That is what happened in Green Bay. They decided to let go of the quarterback that took them to the NFC championship, and within one pass of the Superbowl. Instead they are going with Aaron Rogers, an unproven commodity that is in a lose/lose situation. It is only a matter of time before Rogers has broken down in a fetal position on the fifty yard line, while Packer fans boo him into oblivion. Rogers really is the only man that I really feel bad for in this whole situation, because he seems like a good guy and he is facing the end of his NFL career. Good luck Rogers, you are going to need it, and get out of Green Bay ASAP.

O'Neill Chambers Speaks Out - Fall camp for BYU is going strong. Besides injuries (which may be cause for concern) and the terrible student ticket policy (which I am reserving judgment on until Aug 20th when the seats are assigned), Chambers comments is the talk of the fall drills. The blue chip recruit when interviewed by made some critical remarks of the other receivers/secondary on the team. I don't have a huge problem with the remarks. I am a little more concerned with the reporter who wrote the blog entry. Does she have the right to report what Chambers said, of course she does, and it was a good lesson for Chambers to know when to keep his mouth shut. Yet, I agree with Dick Harmon's view on this story.,5322,19,00.html?bD=20080806&sc=dmn (Which is odd because I am a devout BYU football fan, and even I think Harmon is over the top in his Cougar bias.) As a reporter you need to understand that you are dealing with an 18 year old athlete. Not a professional athlete! You should give the 18 year old time to collect themselves, and inform them of what is and isn't on the record when you get an interview.

Fantasy Football Season is Here - It is again time to prepare for another fantasy football draft. Here are some videos for motivation.

NFL Fantasy Football File: Chris Chambers

NFL Fantasy Football File: Marques Colston

NFl Fantasy Football File: Braylon Edwards

NFL Fantasy Football File: Andre Johnson

NFL Fantasy Football File: Neil Rackers

NFL Fantasy Football File: Mike Nugent

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