BYU Wins Holy War

BYU Wins Holy War
George, like Collie and Harline before him, is now still open!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Jake's Top 10 Reasons To Fantasize This Fall

Normally I stay behind the scenes of the site and mess around with font colors and layouts and pretend like I am a full blown web designer, but with the seasons fast approaching the time of change, my thoughts reflect on a topic that has brought me both joy and heartache...and no I'm not referring to women. I'm talking about Fantasy Football!

The prompt for writing this post came from my recent discussion with one, Craig Madsen (email him here), about the topic of fantasy football and coaxing him into joining the world of fantasy this season. When I first told Craig he'd be good at it and to join a league with me he told me to "Go Fly A Kite". Then proceeded to give fantasy football analogies of himself as Charlie Brown trying to toe-punch a football that a promising Lucy is place-holding. He didn't want to get fooled into thinking he'd be able to "kick the ball", just to find out it would be swiped out from underneath him.

I assured him that there'd be no "swiping of the ball", he'd enjoy his experience and that there are great rewards from being a fantasy football manager. Convincing someone that has never played before can be like trying to get them to sign up for some multi-level pyramid scheme.

Because there are some people who have not yet seen the light, here are ten reasons to play some fantasy football...

1. The Sweet Taste Of Victory!

Ah, the sweet taste of victory. Who doesn't enjoy winning? When we win something, does it really matter what it is? It just always feels good and fantasy football provides this. And if you have the opportunity to win a game or two that means there's also...

2. Bragging Rights

The nice thing about playing fantasy football is the majority of the games are played on the weekend, which means if you are able to beat your opponent on game day, you're entitled to bragging rights for the entire week. Just think, various text messages, emails, even phone calls to your beaten opponent reminding them of their experience with your superior fantasy managerial skills. What can be better?

3. Increase Your Football Knowledge And Love Of The Game

Who doesn't benefit from increased knowledge? Everyone knows who Peyton Manning or Randy Moss is, but now you can impress your friends and people you associate with by flexing your knowledge of the Ahmad Bradshaw's and Justin Gage's of the league.

A few years back I was asked on a date by a lovely young lady (yes, believe it or not) to a company Christmas party. After impressing my date with compliments and sensitive words that pertained to her I was also able to impress her fellow colleagues at the table. Why? Because the topic of conversation throughout the evening was fantasy football. And let's just say Jake was highly rewarded that fine evening for his impressing of the bosses. Anyway...

4. Any Team In The League Can Become Your New Favorite

Never thought you'd be a fan of the Arizona Cardinals or Houston Texans? Well that can all change if you've got a player on that team. You'll find yourself rooting for teams you never thought you'd ever have an interest in (or at least a portion of their team). This is your chance to get behind a NFL team, which is nice if you live in an area with an absence of one.

You'll also start cheering for teams that are losing towards the end of the game, if you've got a QB or a receiver on that team. If you don't understand that concept you soon will.

5. Nothing Like A Good Nights Sleep

I can't explain the tingly feeling I get when during the season a player is picked up off of waivers and they end up being your stud the entire year. For those versed in the fantasy world...a series of two words...Wes Welker, Ryan Grant, Earnest Graham, Greg Jennings. The sleepers or fantasy hall of fame jacket wearers are what championships are made of.

6. Put Those Hours Of SportsCenter To Good Use

SportsCenter is always worthwhile, we all need our daily dose, but now you can put it to work for you. It's like making money on an unbelieveable interest rate at your bank, without doing anything more than you've usually done. Now, the emmy award winning show will provide not just highlights to feed your passion for sports, but those stats and injury reports will finally mean something to you.

7. Excitement Of A Live Draft

During a live draft there's nothing better than ragging on someone's draft pick or stealing someone's next pick right out from underneath them, prompting immediate anger and frustration.

8. Make New Friends And Keep The Old

At the same time, if you pummel teams week after week, you can become the most hated guy in the league. And if you're not careful burn some bridges. It's lonely at the top, but if you're unfortunate to not bring home the trophy in your league you'll be in the same boat as eight or ten other guys. What says camaraderie better than a group of losers?

9. Glittering Prizes

Prizes can range from money to food to actual trophies. I even get excited over my virtual trophy collection provided by yahoo fantasy sports. It's nice to look at your fantasy profile and see that bright shining virtual trophy case. I try and resist polishing the computer screen.

And most importantly...

10. Pride

This is why we do it. This one word. If you are able to manage the vast array of players throughout the league into a championship team, that pride of holding that virtual trophy is something that you'll never have to let go of.

So to my good friend Craig Madsen, (email him here) yeah, the ball might get pulled out from underneath you and it might not be what you expect, but I say try... you just might kick that dang ball and you can thank me later.


Anonymous said...

BOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!We want MARK!!! Not some webdesign bum!!! MARK! MARK! MARK!

scott said...

Man, whoever wrote that must have something against Jake...I'm sorry man. I must say, I love fantasy baseball, but fantasy football just doesn't do it for me. I guess I am not a big fan of the NFL. Now if it was Michigan Fantasy Football, well then, that is a whole new subject...Hey we are three weeks and counting until we open a can of whoop...on Utah! (not to mention Northern Iowa for all those BYU fans)

Jake said...

Scott. It would be amazing if 2 readers were up reading the blog at 1am in the morning, but I highly doubt that (both posts 6 minutes apart). If you don't like my posts, then come right out and say it like a man. Yes, I'm calling you out. Oh...and Go Cougs!