BYU Wins Holy War

BYU Wins Holy War
George, like Collie and Harline before him, is now still open!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Mark's Thoughts: What is Worse Computer Crash or Lack of Sports

My computer went down hard, but it would have been easier to bear with some sports to watch...

The blue screen of death.

Yes, everyone knows the screen that Bill Gate's designed to basically tell you that your computer is about to kick the bucket.

That blue screen of death came over my notebook computer yesterday, and instantly my computer croaked! Needless to say that I was a little upset about what occurred. Especially about the timing of the crash, right before midterms. (Yes, for all of the reader that don't know I am still in college, and I am taking a heavy load of class during the first half of the semester. This is also an explanation for the lack of consistent postings since mid May.) I would take my notebook to school, and all of my notes for all of my classes were on that machine....

What was worse about this experience was the fact that I had to make the tech support phone call. Which is somewhere between being forced to work with anyone on Top Chef this season (seriously! It is as if the producers thought, lets get the worst human beings we can find that are also chefs and have them on the show) and having to remove my own kidney. To my relief, I didn't get transferred overseas for the call. That alone cut two hours off an all ready long two and a half hour tech phone call. The good news after going over the computer with the tech guy. I might be able to save some of my files, and my computer is still under warranty(thank goodness!). The bad news, although it is possible, it will be a miracle if I am able to get any of my files off.

So Billy boy won this round, and Vista takes adds to its list of casualties. Yet, during the phone call, of which the larger duration was spent on hold, all I could think about is it would have been nice to have some sports to take my mind off the computer.

What?!? But Mark, there is the NBA Finals, isn't that the best of basketball?

Sure I admit I will be following the Finals, but the match up seems way over hyped. All the major news outlets keep saying how great it is to have Boston and LA in the Finals; however, there are holes on both teams. This isn't like the teams in the 80's with All-star talent stacking both benches. No, this is a watered down version of the rivalry. Also I am torn on who to rout for in the series. I really don't like either team. KG is awesome to watch, but Boston fans are really annoying right now(Although they do have a valid reason for being annoying). Also the help that LA received in getting to the Finals angers me. If you listen you can hear me pound the side of my head every time ABC shows the statistic of free-throw attempts per series for Kobe Bryant. (Thud! Dang I can't think about that stat, I need my brain for classes.)

I feel my early prediction of Lakers in 5, can still come true. It will depend on Jackson out coaching Doc Rivers in the second game. (I still see that happening.) Yet, with the questionable circumstances leading up to the current Finals I wouldn't be surprised to see this series be encouraged to go seven games by the league. (That is all I am saying about the conspiracy theories.)

Also, what didn't help was the Stanley Cup Finals actually being good. I watched the final overtime of game 5, which was great. Then I watched, for the first time since the strike, a complete game of hockey, game 6. WOW! It was awesome. It was up tempo, it was fun, and it had drama. It came down to a save with 3.2 seconds left to preserve the win. With the puck sliding behind the goalie in front of the net as time expires. The HD also helped me to follow the puck, and might be what hockey needs to try and make a comeback.

There is baseball. Yet, it is hard to follow the games of a single team from Utah. What else is there to watch right now...Soccer? Please, I would rather be on the phone with tech guy Mike. Until the fix, I guess I am on the school computers. I guess it could be worse. My computer could have caught fire like a Dell, and there is less than 90 days until college football.

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