BYU Wins Holy War

BYU Wins Holy War
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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Wife's Outburst: The Best and Worst Dressed NBA teams

Which teams in the playoffs have the best uniforms...

As I have been watching the playoffs I have noticed that some of the NBA uniforms are down right hideous. I decided to rank the uniforms of the teams in the playoffs. As I was finding a picture of each teams uniforms, I have noticed that the Rockets and Magic are the only teams to have just two uniforms. Also, the Rockets and the Raptors have basically the same uniforms. The only difference is the way the strips go. The Celtics two road jerseys are the same except one has black trim and the other has white--WOW!! what originality!!! These are ranked from worst to best.

16. Toronto Raptors: They are just ugly. (At least it is better than the Bucks: They are Christmas colors, and with a mascot that looks like a reindeer, they are the Christmas team. No wonder they are awful. It would look like Christmas in July if they made it through!)

15. Houston Rockets: You copied the Raptors, or was it the other way around?? At least red is better than the colors and uniforms during the 1997 playoffs (the one where Stockton hit the 3-pointer??!!)

14. Orlando Magic: I liked the stripes better. These are plain Jane. Who else does it look like? Jazz, Hornets, Nuggets, Wizards... Another copy cat!

13. San Antonio Spurs: Black, White and Silver! Wow! Bursting with color. It hurts my eyes to look at them.

12. Atlanta Hawks: I liked the yellow better. Just about every team has a blue jersey.

11. Cleveland Cavaliers: The trim around the sleeves and neckline is an ugly pattern.

10. Detroit Pistons: Red, White and Blue. They can't make up their mind as to which color they are.

9. Philadelphia 76ers: I only like the black jersey. They do have a nice color scheme: Black and Red. Kind of threatening. The thing that makes these jersey's ugly is the basketball on them. It does not belong there.

8. Washington Wizards: When I first saw the gold jersey I thought it was cool, but as I look closer at it, I'm not so sure. I don't even know why they have the gold and black jersey. Is it supposed to represent the sparks coming out of the wizards wand?

7. Boston Celtics: This is my favorite jersey in the Eastern Conference. I like the green with black trim the best. It is a dark enough green that two colors compliment each other.

6. L.A. Lakers: The yellow is nice and bright and it does look good on tv when they play at home, but that is the only redeeming quality about the Laker's jerseys. Purple and Yellow do not fit the team. They are a west coast, California team. I think they should change something up.

5. Dallas Mavericks: I like how the dark blue jersey has an accent of baby blue and the white jersey has an accent of dark blue. I like the font on the front of the green jersey. The green and the blue combination looks nice together.

4. Denver Nuggets: Besides the fact that they are blue and white and yellow, the only redeeming fact is the dark blue road jersey. I like how they combine all the colors into one jersey. Very well done.

3. New Orleans Hornets: These colors work very well together. Very reminiscent of the culture in New Orleans!

2. Phoenix Suns: I love the combination of the purple, orange, and gray. It reminds me of a desert sunset.

1. Utah Jazz: They have stuck to a monochromatic color scheme: Blue. It is very nice and sleek looking. Looked nice when everyone in the lower bowl was wearing the baby blue t-shirts last year during the playoffs.

So there you have it. The best and worst uniforms in the 2008 NBA playoffs. The colors of a team should reflect where they are from.

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