BYU Wins Holy War

BYU Wins Holy War
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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

NBA Playoffs:Tracy McGrady Needs a Change

Being Down 2-0 and going to Utah the season is over for McGrady. Is Houston where McGrady should be in the future?...

Tracy McGrady needs to get out of Houston. He is currently in a no-win situation. McGrady carried the Rockets during the bulk of the twenty-two game winning streak, and was the only reason that Houston hasn't been blown out during their current playoff series with Utah. He is a great player, but he isn't a player that can carry the load by himself. He needs to have a good core of players around him, something that doesn't currently exist in Houston.
The Houston press is brutal towards him. They blame McGrady for every lose, and don't give him enough credit for the winning taking place with that team. He will never be the man as long as Yao Ming is on the roster, and he won't get any help with Yao being the other pillar the team is built around.

Also, Houston fans are awful. What a bunch of bandwagon jumpers. The reason a team plays for home court advantage the entire season is to have their opponents facing a loud, hostile environment in the playoffs. Rocket fans didn't make more than a mild rumble during the course of the game and half of the fans left before the end of the game; although, the game was still within reach of the Rockets who were only down by five point with two minutes to go. Yet, they are very vocal when it comes to complaining about McGrady's play during the game. McGrady had a near triple-double, but it wasn't enough for the Houston fans who declared McGrady a choker and worse on the majority of message boards.

There are better situations around the league for McGrady. The best might be the Washington Wizards. Gilbert Arenas already declared that he is going to apply for free agency, and no one can pay him more than Washington. The problem for Arenas is Washington doesn't want him back. The Wizards have constructed a great core of Butler and Jamison, and Arenas' game doesn't complement that core. Tracy McGrady would be a perfect fit for the Wizards. He is a defensive stopper. He would rather involve his teammates in the game first, and then take a game over down the stretch. He also would dominate a weak Eastern Conference. A sign and trade would almost make to much sense in this situation, because both of the players, and team would benefit from this trade.

It is hard to feel to bad for Tracy McGrady, especially after he threw his team under the bus after the game one loss; however, McGrady's future doesn't look bright in Houston. At least he will see what it looks like to play for a good fan base when Utah finish the off the series at home.

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