BYU Wins Holy War

BYU Wins Holy War
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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Utah Jazz: Odd Treatment of Andrei Kirilenko's Injury

Treatment of Kirilenko's Injury involves a rickshaw, low quality X-Ray machine, Trip to Bountiful, and a wheel chair...

It was dirty. There is a fine line between hard and dirty, Dirk Nowitzki crossed that line last night when he took Andrei's head off. That might not have been his intentions but that is what came out of his actions. He should be suspended. The act wasn't the only strange event last night. The treatment of AK after the injury was just as bizarre.

The treatment of AK, by the Jazz, after the injury was comical. After being hit by Nowitzki he is rolling around on the ground. There is NO retaliation by the Jazz players. NO one is being restrained by Jazz coaches. Sloan isn't fired up as he usually is after a dirty foul. After the game NO one is calling out Dirk. The lack of team heart is one of the problems with the 07-08 Jazz, and it was evident in the Jazz's reaction. It would have been good for team unity for someone to either send a message to Dirk during the game. (Not a head hunter type foul that would injure him, but a good hard foul at least) At least call him out after the game. Even Sloan, someone who doesn't shy away from these types of issues, side stepped the question after the game saying he wasn't watching the play when it happened. Sloan not watching a break away layup right in front of the bench? Not likely. The Jazz did send a message loud and clear. Go ahead and bully us, because we won't fight back. That is the attitude that let the Mavericks back into the game last night, and will get the Jazz into trouble in future games.

After rolling around on the ground, with no response from a teammate or coach to the foul, AK knocks down two free throws. Considering the circumstances, this was no small feet. He then limps off the court looking relatively well. Until a camera near the locker room shows AK visibly limping, with very little support given by the Jazz training staff to him. What does it take for him to get some help walking?? Does he need to rip off his own leg and carry it in his arms before someone would support him? Yet, he makes it to the locker room and Jazz nation is sure he is in good hands.

Then reports come, (very late I might add, KJZZ wasn't hustling to get any info on the air) that the X-ray machine isn't strong enough to take a hip X-ray. In order to get an X-ray they need to take him to a local hospital. This is something that would normally get a pass, but this same situation happened last year with Dee Brown in the playoffs. The machine was strong enough to take X-rays of the chest and neck. So....what's the point of having an X-ray machine that isn't strong enough to take X-rays? Larry H. Miller needs to protect his investment and get some decent medical equipment.

So, needing to a more powerful X-ray machine AK is wheeled out of the Energy Solutions Arena. (I know I have refused to use this name, but I have to get used to it sometime) Only he isn't carted out in a golf cart, not even a wheelchair, a RICKSHAW. Yes, a RICKSHAW. Not only a novelty tourist gimmick, but the transportation mode of choice by the Utah Jazz medical staff for injured players. It wasn't even a productive rickshaw. The rickshaw required two members of the medical staff to move, and they had to walked hunch over to balance it out. That is the best medical equipment the Jazz can afford?

AK is then rushed to a local hospital in Bountiful. This seemed strange last night considering the medical options available much closer to Energy Solutions Arena. (LDS, U of U, the new regional hospital at 5400 South...etc) Yet, one the specialties of Lakeview Hospital, in Bountiful, are hip fractures. (Here is the Lakeview link explaining more about hip injuries Thus, explaining AK's further journey last night. The X-Rays came back negative, thankfully, but AK did have a MRI schedule today for precautionary reasons. (The Lakeview site reveal many hip injuries are missed by a traditional X-ray)

AK then returns to the arena, finally being wheeled in a wheelchair. Larry H. Miller must have seen the rickshaw and sent someone to buy a real wheelchair. A obvious move to try and save face, so that ESPN wouldn't run the awkward rickshaw video for a solid news cycle. (Larry trying to nip the old fashion vibe Utah gets. Something a RICKSHAW implies. The only thing worse would have been a horse and buggy.) Hopefully, the first order of business for the Utah Jazz today was ordering a medical golf cart, as seen in the NFL. It is shocking that all arenas aren't required to have one. (That and decent floor mops. Normal towels don't get it done.)

Gary Briggs is a great trainer, yet the treatment of AK, after his injury, was laughable. It boggles the mind that Larry H. Miller would spend so much money on these star players, and not have the best medical treatment money can on hand at the games. It seems like a common sense decision. It is time for an upgrade. Open the wallet and make it happen Larry.

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scott said...

The reason no one was reacting was that it wasn't that least at first look. I have seen much harder fouls. 9 times out of 10 AK gets up and is fine.