BYU Wins Holy War

BYU Wins Holy War
George, like Collie and Harline before him, is now still open!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Game Journal: Utah Jazz Vs. Dallas Mavericks

March 3, 2008 Dallas Mavericks at Utah Jazz

Pregame: Good to see that Jeff Hornacek with the normal Jazz live crew. He really works well with Big-T, and cuts out many of the pointless comments that come out of Pace Mannion's mouth. Jazz need to break the habit of poor starts to games. It is going to take an A- effort to come away with the win tonight.

1st Quarter
12:00: The is getting in on the ranking highlight against highlight to try and determine what is the great highlight. Can there ever be to much comparison? The interactive introductions on KJZZ are just a little creepy. No emotion. Also, when did C.J. Miles become the lucky charm that all starters need to touch before the game starts? Is that why we resigned him? I have been waiting for Sloan to grab him and tell him were he should be sitting at the start of the game.
11:17: Good start with Booz underneath. Okur going inside will also help out tonight.
10:48: Watch for Dampier to have an awful game, I just picked him up in the fantasy league.
9:54: Jazz are coming out guns blazing. I am glad that Booz and D-Will have their act together. Williams owns J. Kidd. Utah 11 Dallas 4 going into the first timeout.
9:02: Bolerjack gives the ultimate jinx again. "The Jazz are perfect from the floor tonight." CLANG.
8:06: When D-Will is running the break it is a thing of beauty. He knows how to space the court, and give the ball up at the right time.
7:04: DIRTY DIRTY DIRTY!! What a dirty play by Dirk, grabs AK across the neck. Dirk should be tossed. Awful foul. Jazz 19 Mavs 6
7:04:b: STOP TALKING ABOUT THE MAGIC SPRAY! It is standard comedy from Boler and Boone. Any injury, Gary Briggs on the court, "Magic spray..HA HA HA."
6:45: Timeout Dallas. Fans waste no time in booing the Mavericks. TV shows video of AK limping big time going to the locker room. (Not a good night for the fantasy team. Dampier is playing like he got an e-mail that I picked him up and he should stop playing. AK get thrown WWE style to the ground....ouch)
4:57: First, terrible foul call that Boone tries to justify. Boone the league yes man.
4:48: Jazz 29 Mavs 12. It would be nice to see the Jazz lay down the hammer and destroy Dallas' will to play.
4:07: Dampier once again got the memo he got picked up by my fantasy team, he needs to stink.
3:26: It is obvious that Devin George didn't think through trying to block the Jason Kidd trade. Everytime they have a terrible game they are going to blame him. With the lack of size the Mavs now have due to that trade, there is going to be a lot of blame to go around in Dallas.
2:32: I like that Sloan is letting Willams stay in the game while the Jazz are playing well. He is young enough to have more flexability when it comes to managing his minutes.
2:02: Jazz 35 Dallas 18. Jazz are starting to coast. They need to lay down the hammer. It would be a shame to let the Mavericks back into the game after having the chance to put them away. Steve Brown, why is he not doing the play-by-play? It is always a good game when Brown takes over for Boler. Although, it will never happen because of the love affair fans have with Bolerjack.
36.2: Price picks up the third foul...he is hanging out with J. Hart way to much. Wow! how far has Jason Hart fallen. D-Will is coming into the game instead of Hart.
4.4: Dumb, dumb, dumb. Not a smart foul by Harpring. The Jazz are letting the Mavericks back into the ball game.
End of Quarter: Utah Jazz 37 Dallas Mavericks 24. Jazz have given the Mavericks hope that they will be able to come back. They had a chance to finish this game off early and they choked. Hopefully the Jazz will come out in the second quarter and put them away.

2nd Quarter
12:00: Jazz shot 68% in the first quarter. Need to keep up the intensity.
11:38: The press is useless in the NBA. Teams are too good, and will end up with dunks and lay-ups.
11:05: Another Bizarre call, a no call as Jason Terry plows into Korver. Sideout Dallas.
10:48: Airball by Dampier. How are NBA players so bad at free throws?
10:39: Only an 11...wait Millsap knocks down a jump shot 13 point lead.
10:24: AK is being wheeled out of the arena. That is not a good. Little werid that they only have a hand cart. They can't have a NFL style cart? Larry, open the wallet and get a golf cart.
8:52:Another NBA where amazing happens commercial. They should add Dirk taking out AK, and have the caption, "where our MVP is a dirt bag happens."
8:28: Good to see Dirk being booed every time he comes close to the ball.
8:03: I wish I could have been a fly on the wall during halftime of the Detriot game and heard what Sloan said to Millsap. He is playing like last year ever since. Great move.
7:20: KK hits deep shot. It is always good to see his shots going down. The Jazz play
6:38: Utah 52 Dallas 34. Memo is playing like an All-star again. Which proves I am having the worst fantasy league ever. I had the choice today of picking up AK or Memo....I took AK. D-Will already has 11 assists.
5:50: Dallas goes on a mini-run, they now have a chance at cutting it to 10 by the half.
5:36: It is offical, Boone acknowledged the mini run of the Jazz. It is now a 12 point game. Losing AK really hurts the Jazz on defense. C.J.'s man is running free.
4:44: Howard gets fouls and it is now a 11 point game.
4:22: Another terrible foul call. C.J. gets run over and gets the foul.
4:05: 9-0 run 9pt game
3:15: KK HUGE three. He is a momentum changer.
2:43: I held my breath when Stackhouse is behind KK on the fast break thinking he will pull a Dirk. If it was Harpring he proably would have. Stackhouse is on record saying he hates Harpring.
2:36: Utah 59 Dallas 45. Without AK in the game the Jazz are going to need to keep scoring, because the defense is going to be lacking for the rest of the game. Love that they send Horny to get the update on AK's condition. Thanks for sitting in Jeff, go do the grunt work while we sit around.
2:27: I hope that Dirk has good security, because he might get a nice shower going to the locker room of Bud and popcorn.
1:46: Interesting to see how Sloan is handling the shooting of Korver. Threes off of fast breaks without people underneath to rebound. Time will tell if Sloan stays with KK. I hope so.
1:19: Jazz have a chance to finish the quarter strong. Booz underneath for an easy two, who was guarding him? Howard, formerly of the Rockets. Yet another reason to hate Dallas.
20.8: CJ surprises sometimes with his quick hands. He is going to be a good player in the NBA. To bad he will be with another team, due to his contract situation.
7.8: Good to see Hart hasn't lost his knack of closing the quarters with terrible plays.

Halftime: Utah 64 Dallas 50 - Williams is a Kidd slayer He already has 14 ASSITS.
I am a little upset that nobody from the Jazz got into Dirk's face after the take down of AK. That is what the Jazz are missing. That is the reason we needed a Rafa type player on the team. So that Sloan could have put Rafa in the game after the foul, and you know that Dirk is going to end up on his back. Nothing rallies a team like a team mate backing up another team mate after crap hit the fan. Nobody ever questioned Stockton's toughness after he body slammed David Robinson into the basketball standard. There needed to be a message sent to the Mavericks that you don't bring that cheap stuff into the Delta Center. (I know it is called the energy solution arena....but come on I would rather call it the dump. It is just a terrible arena name.) Alright I might have trashed Devean George to early, 11pts and 2 rebs.

3rd Quarter
12:00: AK is taken to a hospital in Bountiful because the Jazz don't have a strong enough x-ray machine in the arena. LARRY shell out for the good stuff.
11:10: CJ just picked up his 3rd foul... CJ and that defense that keeps him in the lineup showin up again.
10:51: Great finish by Brewer. I love that Brewer has started to use the reverse jam. Doesn't even bother turning around, he just goes straight up and puts it in behind his head. He gets up so quick it is hard to stop.
9:55: Yes, my halftime pep talk to Dampier works, rebound and the pts.
9:20: Yet another question by Boler that Boone restates and doesn't answer. It is like they think their questions are award winning and unanswerable. They just need to be repeated and pondered.
7:48: CJ is getting beat like a rented mule.
Technical difficulties Blogger freaked out on me and I lost the second half of the third quarter.
End of quarter: Not to pile on, but not having AK is killing the Jazz against Howard. Bailey moving commercial is the best Jazz commercial on TV. Simple and funny. I was a little shocked that Sloan didn't move Brewer to the three, and play Kyle Korver at the two.

Fourth Quarter
12:00: Utah 87 Dallas 81 Jazz need to get off to another good start to start the quarter.
11:22: Dirk is really great off the dribble.

10:44: Kyle Korver rejecting Dirk. Needs to finish on the other end. Need Booz back in the game
9:58: Dirk takes off one of Memo's call. The refs might need a police escort off the court.
9:27: Millsap gets pushed in the back. No call.
9:00: Kidd for three cuts the lead to one. Jazz are out whack.
8:32: Two Dallas players hit each other. Foul Utah. This is getting out of hand. During the timeout AK is wheeled back in, in an actual wheelchair. Looks like Larry went out and spent some money during the break.
8:10: Utah 89 Dallas 88 Booz back in the game.
7:54: Double fouls are the weakest trash in the NBA. They need to man up and call it one guy or another.
7:44: Dallas take their first lead Utah 89 Dallas 90
7:21: Terrible alley-oop thrown by Matt. They need to stop making that pass. It needs to be perfect for Memo to get it.
6:36: Jazz are now ice cold. Two points in the quarter.
6:03: Jazz need to go inside if they are going to win this game.
5:38: Sloan windmilling on the sideline, begging the Jazz to get the ball up the court quickly.
5:33: Time out Utah 91 Dallas 92. Boler is going to beat the buckle up thing into the ground until it catches on. That will be his thing whether you like it or not. Mountain America commercials are the worst commercials on during Jazz games. Must have been written by the same writers as, "Dragon Wars." Just not good.
5:32:Korver, Willams, Harpring, Okur, and Booz on the court for the Jazz.
5:04: Okur is going to the hoop. He needs to knock down his FT's shooting 50% from the line.
5:01: Tundra tough questions....have Boler and Boone answered one this year. It usually goes as follows. Boler reads questions, Boone, "that's a tough question." Then Boone parrots the question. That is a tough one. Then they don't answer the question. Pointless!
4:43: Korver...3 time out Utah 98 Dallas 92 7-0 run for the Jazz. PC laptops contending for worst commercial. Why are there no Razzies for commercials? Especially in Utah, we might sweep them every year.
4:25: Booz playing some defense. It happens. (Another great where amazing happens commercial in the making.)
3:58: Dirk is working on getting tossed. He might as well when the league takes a look at the Ak take down there will be a suspension.
3:46: Utah 102 Dallas 92. Jazz 13-0 run. I will admit when I am wrong. I didn't think the Jazz could rely on their defense in this game. They have put this run together through a solid defensive effort.
3:13: Dampier goes to the bench for another solid fantasy move by Mark. He will end with 6pts 5 rbs. Dirk gets the T. Yep... he is working on getting tossed.
2:57: 13 pt lead. Great defense leading to this lead. Terrible call underneath. Goes over the back of Korver, then Booz, then throws himself into Memo. Boone likes the call.
2:30: Jazz really trying to give the game away. Terrible passes. Booz fouling away from the ball.
2:00: Jazz really trying to give the game away. 7 point game.
1:24: Memo = clutch. You can't teach height and you can't teach clutch.
1:06: Dumb foul by D-Will. Three point play for Kidd.
41.6: Boozer needs to learn how to rebound without pushing people in the back
38.0: Korver goes to the line and does what the Jazz pays him for knocks down the FTs
34.0: Not a good play by Williams, pushes him in the back. Stops the clock. Kidd knocks them down.
23.0: Slow whistle coming when Korver is getting hacked at mid-court. It is nice to have an automatic free throw shooter again. When games come down to free throw shooting contests, you give him the ball. Time Out Utah 114 Dallas 107 When did the NBA stop caring about the whinning that happens in the league now. He hits the pair. What is a skillet? Yes when the game is on the line Boone is asking the in depth questions.
19.2: Kidd develops a jump shot. Hits a three. Kidd 19pt 9 assists D-Will 17 pts 20 assists
12.0: Korver hits another pair of free throws. It does worry me when he misses the first shot, because he tends to be really hard on himself and misses the second.

Player of the Game: D-Will 17 pts 20 ast 5 rebs 2 blocks
Story of the game? AK's injury. What is it? How long will he be out?

I am a little surprised about the post game interview with Boozer. Very polite when it comes to AK and Dirk. He is no Karl Malone when it come to interviews. Malone would have said something like he is dirty, he is the enemy, he a no good German..etc. Threw in some third person self references and get it done. Also, Pace Mannion hit the problem on the head. The Jazz don't have the killer instinct. They are letting teams back into games instead of finishing them off early..... Nobody is saying anything about the Dirk foul, someone should step up and say something about it. Maybe, J. Sloan will take the lead on it and say what it was, a no good dirty play. Just talked over the no comments with the sister, both of us think that the Jazz don't want to get fined. Sloan taking the I didn't see it approach. Although, Channel 5 needs a new foam thing on the mic. It looks like they have been using the same mic for the entire Sloan era. Look at the logo foam thing next interview it is nasty. Big win for the Jazz, now they need to keep it going for the rest of the week.

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