BYU Wins Holy War

BYU Wins Holy War
George, like Collie and Harline before him, is now still open!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Who Should the Utah Jazz Trade

The trade deadline is fast coming, and with that date bring crazy rumors about possible deals. Here is the 2007-2008 Utah Jazz Trade Deadline Guide for Who the Jazz Should Trade.

Our Garbage - Another Teams Gold: Perhaps Kevin O'Conner can turn these players into one solid player.

14) Jason Hart - Jazz nation would love to see the trigger pulled to get him out of town.
13) C.J.Miles - Log jam at the two guard, and C.J. is the odd man out. A no trade clause does make him hard to move without his consent.
12) Jaron Collins - He does lead the league in charges taken; however, the Jazz could use a larger defensive presence.

Rookies Out - Veterans In: Rookies are like draft picks, you don't know what they will turn into. You want to give them a chance to develop, but if you can get a known player to help you now it makes sense to move them.

11) Morris Almond - Rookie that is behind good players at the two guard position. Hate to lose him, but if the numbers needed him he might be a trade causality.
10) Kyrylo Fesenko - You can't teach height! Also he has soft hands for a big man. It would be hard to let him go, but trading the unknown for the known usually makes sense.

Trade Ups: These are Jazz type players that aren't amazing talents, but fit in nicely with what the Jazz want to do. These are the players that you try and trade up. Aka the Giracek for Korver deal, or the Jeff Malone for Jeff Hornecek.

9) Ronnie Price - Now that he is comfortable in the Jazz offense, he is playing like the player that everyone hoped he was. Still he is an undersized two playing the point. Trade if you get a better point in return.
8) Ronnie Brewer- Athletic guard, that really is playing out of his mind this season. He still needs to improve his outside jumper. Only trade if you get same defensive athleticism with a jump shot.
7) Matt Harpring - The definition of a Jerry Sloan player. Tough, hard nosed, and loves the game. The only reason he is in this category is because of his knee. The Jazz should only trade Harpring to get a healthy Harpring type player.
6)Paul Millsap - Another Jazz steal from the second round. He is a beast down low, and thrives the more minutes he gets. He doesn't have the jump shot of Boozer, or the size to be a premiere post player. He is a very valuable asset around the league, only trade if it brings in a low post star.

Fire Sales: Only trade if another team is having a fire sale on a star and demanding talent.

5) Kyle Korver - He is what the Jazz system needs. The only reason that he should be traded is if a star was coming the other way.
4) Memo Okur - Soft on defense, but you can't teach clutch. End of a game the ball should always pass through Memo's hands. He is a good free throw shooter, and has made more clutch shots than anyone else on the roster. The Jazz should only trade him to get an All-Star big.

Superstar Deals: Only if the Jazz are getting back a superstar, and that list is short.

3) Carlos Boozer - He is an All-Star. Yet, he is UNDERSIZED! This year teams have figured out that to stop Booz through a bigger body on him, and hope he doesn't hit the jump shot. He is a defensive liability, and doesn't play through pain. The price would have to be right, but the Jazz missed the boat by not putting Booz in a deal for KG.
2) Andrei Kirilenko - Yes, he is this high. The reason that he is involved in so many trade rumors, besides the preseason situation, is his improved play. He is a player that can take over the game on both sides of the ball. Artest, Kobe, KG, LeBron, AK. That is a short list, and the possible people the Jazz should give up AK for is just a little longer.

Don't Ask the Jazz Won't Trade.

1) Deron Williams - He is just to good to trade. The scary thing is he is getting better.

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