BYU Wins Holy War

BYU Wins Holy War
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Thursday, January 10, 2008

What BYU Needs to Do to Get Into the BCS

The BCS for BYU is the next logical step to take in the 2008 football season. BYU has now won the best Non-BCS bowl game that they can get into twice in a row, have gone through conference play undefeated for two straight years, and have finished ranked in the top 20 for two years also. Anything but a BCS bowl bid would be considered a huge disappointment in the coming season. This all raises the question, what changes need to be made to get into the BCS?

First, there are changes that need to be made in the scheduling mentality. If the cougars go the way of Bronco and replace Nevada with a D-1AA team, and also do the same with UCLA(which make NO sense at all considering they just beat a them on a neutral site, and BYU will be better next year while UCLA will be worse) and schedule another D-1AA in their place as well. If BYU takes the same road as Hawaii, they might be penalized for the Hawaii beat down in the BCS. Yes, non-BCS teams are 2-1 in the bowl games, but with the bias in the formula what was gained by Utah and BSU was all taken away by Hawaii defeat. They don't need to dumb down their schedule they need to increase the non-BCS teams.

A great example of this is Fresno St. The Bulldogs haven't been a national player for quite some time, but the reputation of playing up still have them overrated when compared to other non-BCS western teams. Hawaii's season is being looked at in the same light as the 2001 BYU team; they were a team the took advantage of a very poor schedule. If Hawaii were to have the same schedule next year, would they again make it into the BCS? Not a chance. I just don't understand why BYU wants to be the next Hawaii, rather then being Fresno St but better.

Second, they need to replace the secondary. How many defensive starters are coming back to the secondary? None. Not even one of the many players that replaced the injured or worn down. While one the surface this might seem like a huge challenge, but it might be a huge blessing in disguise. Bronco seems to play the upper class man, even when there is better talent on the roster. The talent of this upper class man was middle of the road at best. BYU will have better talent that knows the system in 08 then in the year just finished. There is always the chance the secondary will fall on their face; however, the talent should be there to improve.

Third, BYU can't get to full of themselves. They should be the golden child of all people that hate the BCS, and crowned, "The BCS Buster." BYU needs to look to TCU for an example of a BCS buster gone wrong. TCU was overrated, and they bought into the rating given to them. They never took the role of the underdog that needed to prove to the world they were a great team. They were never slighted until they got thumped by Texas, then the overrated tag was put on them. BYU must have a chip on their shoulders going into the season, and the goal of showing that they are once again an elite team in the nation year in year out.

Fourth, Bronco needs to take the theme of this year and start a campaign to get BYU in. Looking at the three teams that have made it into the BCS all have one thing in common. All three had coaches going to the media and demanding the chance to get in. Bronco can't sit back with his standard answers to the media, and let things take care of themselves. If you let the powers to be decide, BYU will be on the outside looking in.

Lastly, BYU needs Utah to step up and be great as well. Having an 11-0 Utah team, playing a 11-0 BYU team at the end of the season of course is the best case scenario. Even the terrible TV wouldn't be able to keep that game out of the national attention. Two losses are all the Utes can suffer and still be considered a good game to end the season with to propel them with surety to the BCS.

In doing these things not only will BYU set themselves up for a run to the BCS once, but set themselves up for the higher goal. A National Championship.

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