BYU Wins Holy War

BYU Wins Holy War
George, like Collie and Harline before him, is now still open!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mark's Thoughts - Things That Bug Me About College Football

As a fan of the Mountain West Conference I am now feeling the same way that I do every year. So I thought I would list my reoccurring frustrations with the current landscape of NCAA football.

  • The awful TV deal the Mountain West has. Yes, I am saying it again. Fact BYU gets as much money from the CSTV deal that Hawaii gets from their local TV deal. OUCH!!!
  • Nobody in the conference is ranked in the Top 25. Air Force is the only eight win team unranked, and BYU is the only two loss team unranked.
  • One of the MWC teams, if not two will not go to a bowl game. In the day and age when their are so many terrible bowls, it is a slap in the face that the MWC doesn't get their bowl eligible teams into one of them.
  • Notre Dame is 1-9 and they will be ranked next year. BYU and Utah will finish with either 9 or 10 wins and won't be. Yes the Irish who haven't won a bowl game in ten years deserves the respect each and every year.
  • The Ohio St. vs. Michigan game always get way more hype then it deserves. The most overrated rivalry in all of football. I think there are better rivalries. (Oklahoma vs. Texas, Army vs. Navy, BYU vs. Utah, Oregon vs. Oregon St.)
  • The Las Vegas Bowl is going to be awful. Why is the champion of the MWC playing the fifth or sixth place team of a upper conference, or the second or third place team of a lower conference? As long as this remains don't look for more respect from a national perspective.
  • East Coast Bias. It has been this way as long as I remember, the majority of voters are from the east coast and it shows.
  • Kansas is not number 1. Kansas is in a major "BCS conference" and undefeated and they don't get the respect they deserve. If Kansas can't get it there is no hope of a team from a "Mid-Major" conference getting any.
  • Mark May.....everything I hate about a national media in one person.
  • Pac-10 officials. On the field off the field, they are the most bias conference hands down.
  • The SEC is the only conference that get a bye if their players act like idiots on and off the field. For that matter if the coaches act like idiots on or off the field. I am waiting for an entire SEC team to burn down a building filled with orphans and they get a pass. Hearing a national commenter say, "Oh, that is just football in the SEC."
  • Is Oregon really that good? How did they make such huge strides since the beat down that BYU laid on them in the Las Vegas bowl. I just don't think that they are that much better.
  • Why is there no playoff system in the NCAA? Oh wait, they have the best post season tournament know to man with basketball. March Madness is awesome. Now put that aspect together with the better college sport, football, and you would have the best sports event know to man.
  • The annual BCS press release that throws all wisdom out the window, and lies bold face to the public about how happy the BCS is with all the controversy that is surrounding college football. (By the way Craig Thompson I believe is auditioning for the job of Press Secretary of the BCS with all the Bull he is laying on the media about the TV deal in the Mountain West.)

That is the list for this year, but I am sure unless something changes this will be the same list next year with a few more additions.

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