BYU Wins Holy War

BYU Wins Holy War
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Sunday, November 25, 2007

BCS and BYU? It Could Happen

Yes, BYU fans pack your bags, get your tickets, and change our plans for the holidays; BYU is going to a BCS bowl.

Ok, maybe not. Yet, there is still a chance that it could happen. A day after the miracle come back win, BYU is sitting at 19 in the BCS. They may have been short changed in the rankings this week, but it still leaves them with in striking distance of getting in. For BYU to get in they have to be the highest ranked non-automatic bid conference champion, (Mountain West, Wac, Conference USA, MAC, etc.) ranked at least 16 in the final BCS standings, and finish ahead of a conference champion that gets an automatic bid.(Pac-10, SEC, ACC, Big East, Big 12, and Big 10(really 11))

With one week left in the regular season, here is the scenario that would have to happen to get BYU into a BCS bowl, and the probability of that happening(on a scale of 10):

1)BYU has to beat San Diego St. A loss to SDSU makes everything else pointless.

Probability 9.99: BYU should role over the Aztecs.

2) Hawaii has to lose to Washington. This would ensure that BYU is the highest ranked non-BCS team.

Probability 7.5: Amazingly this is the hardest game on Hawaii's schedule. With how Hawaii has struggled against poorer competition it wouldn't be surprising at all for the Huskies to end their dream run.

3) Arizona would have to beat Arizonia St. This would cause ASU to lose the tie-breaker for the Pac-10

Probability 4.5: The momentum is with the Wildcats, but it would take some lucky bounces for them to come out on top.

4) UCLA would have to beat USC. This would cause UCLA to win the PAC-10. UCLA who is currently unranked with no votes in either poll would be hard pressed to make up the ground to get above 16 in the BCS.

Probability 1.5: USC flexed its muscle destroying a good ASU team. With a win they remain alive for the Rose bowl. They should handle a injury ridden UCLA squad. This is the key element to equation, they would need UCLA to play the game of their lives to come out on top.

5) Some teams would have to fall so BYU could move up the three spots in the polls. Virgina Tech over Boston college, LSU over Tennessee, and possibly Oregon St. over Oregon.

Probability 7.5: Most of the these teams are favored in the games and BYU would only need two out three of these teams to lose to move up three spots.

Will it happen? Most likely no, but is it possible? YES.

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