BYU Wins Holy War

BYU Wins Holy War
George, like Collie and Harline before him, is now still open!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Game One Jazz Answers

Posted by: Mark Welling
As I was on my way to the arena yesterday I was thinking the same thing I always think before a PRE-season game, WHY AM I GOING TO THIS GAME? It is a preseason game that doesn't mean anything. I think all preseason's for all of sports are too long. It is one of the things I love about college football, the season just starts. I think in basketball you need three games to get into regular season form. Most of the older players dog it until the season starts, and the people that get the majority of the minutes are given to the people the team will cut before the season begins.
Yet, the game did answer questions that jazz fans had:
How will AK be received by Jazz fans?
A mixture of boos and loud cheers. That was something that me and my father, who went with me to the game last night, were interested in seeing. Jazz fans are known for being the greatest mimics of sports talk radio personalities. I am really curious to see when Gordan Monson, or D.J. and P.K. make a call to start a cult and half the men sporting population shows up. All of last season, and all during the off season all involved have been piling on AK. Most of it from his trade demand has been reasonable. The chip that we as Utah sports fans always have is the feeling of not being accepted. So nothing makes us more upset then when a player either won't come or wants out. So that side is explains why people were booing AK last night.
How will AK react to the hostile crowd?
Yes, it was hostile to AK last night. I was sporting an AK jersey last night and I felt the heat from Jazz fans. Nothing unusual just a bunch of know nothing Jazz fans yelling things about how AK can't score.(DUH!!! Like we want him to be the main scoring option. Why do Jazz fans always think he needs to turn into a scorer? He needs to put up about ten points a night and he is everything we want out of him. We counted, besides his four blocks last night, five times he altered sure layups and kept the other team from scoring. That is 20 FREAKIN POINTS! Once again Jazz fans are mimics.) After being meet by a strong undercurrent of boos last night AK put together a solid performance for a preseason game. Although, the worse thing Jazz fans could do is Boo AK on a constent basis. He is not Greg Ostertag, AK game will go to pot if he is consistently booed.
How will D-Will and AK work together?
One of the key components to the AK summer of discontent was Deron Willams admission that he was looking at AK during offensive sets. During the first half of the Jazz game, D-Will looked off AK five times when he was the obvious route to go with the ball. Things did change in the second half, but it will be an interesting sub plot for the rest of the season.
Will C.J. Miles show the reason we resigned him?
NO!!! He was awful last night, and continued his campaign to be the face of the Flash for this season. He was trying to split triple teams, picked up two quick fouls, and then stood still on defense for three positions letting his man get by him, until he picked up another stupid foul.
What will become of the two guard position?
Brewer looked great, although he only took one shoot from beyond ten feet and missed badly. Almond was solid for his first game experience. C.J and Gira were awful! Both didn't run the offense and were trying to take to many bad shots. Which raises the issue of why we have so many guards? We need depth on the inside why did we let a solid back up like Rafa go and bring back Miles? One injury to Okur and we will all be wishing we had Rafa back this season, because although Fesenko looked good he isn't NBA ready yet.
How long will I be able to take the Blonde give away guy yelling into the mic?
Longer then I was able to take the blonde girl. She was AWFUL! You couldn't understand a word she was saying and everyone in the crowd was on the verge of convulsions when she would yell into the microphone that appeared to be shoved down her throat. Move the mic back away from your face and please go away.

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