BYU Wins Holy War

BYU Wins Holy War
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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

BYU’s McKay Jacobson Will Make Needed Comeback against Wyoming

The injury seemed strange to begin with.

Jacobson strained his hamstring stretching before the start of the Utah State game; however, the problem BYU has had moving the ball since Jacobson’s injury hasn’t been strange at all.

Jacobson is BYU’s lone legitimate deep threat. There was hope by both the BYU coaching staff and BYU fans that O’Neill Chambers or Luke Ashworth could step up and fill the role and stretch defenses. Yet, as seen in the TCU game, defenses didn’t have to devote a double team to either Chambers or Ashworth.

Against a lesser defense in the San Diego State game, BYU struggled to move the ball on offense. The Aztecs were able to take away BYU’s tight ends, and challenge BYU to throw over the top of their defense. Chambers and Ashworth both had some solid plays, but nothing like the production and play-making ability which Jacobson provides for the Cougar offense.

Dennis Pitta and Max Hall’s numbers should both improve with Jacobson again on the field. Defenses will not be able to double team PItta and risk a bomb to Jacobson, and Hall will have another sure-handed receiver to receive passes.

Even though Jacobson has only played in half of the Cougar’s games this season he is still has the most touchdowns and receiving yards among wide receivers(280 yards and 3 TDs), and is second on the team to only Dennis Pitta in total receiving yards.

That is quite a lot of production for only half a season’s worth of work. Jacobson averaged 25.5 yards per reception through the first four games, which is almost ten yards better than anyone else on the team.

The other element which Jacobson brings to BYU is pure athleticism; an element which is severely lacking at BYU. His athleticism forces defense to game plan and devote time during the week to prepare for his abilities.

BYU would have loved to have Jacobson against a team like TCU; however, his presence alone probably would have done little to help BYU win or even compete in that game. Yet, Jacobson will help the Cougars with the remaining teams on their schedule.

Jacobson should have a chance to regain his sea-legs this weekend as BYU travels to Laramie to take on the Cowboys. While the Pokes are improved, they have struggled this season when playing teams who pass the football well. The Cowboys are currently ranked 76th nationally in passing defense.

BYU, with Jacobson’s return, will try to take a step towards forgetting the humiliating TCU loss at home. Jacobson should be just what the Cougar offense needs to get back on track.

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