BYU Wins Holy War

BYU Wins Holy War
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Friday, September 4, 2009

Quick Observations From the Utah vs Utah State Game

Observations about the Utah vs Utah State game...

The Utah vs Utah State game was very interesting last night. While the game was in hand for most of the fourth quarter, and it was very clear that there was a difference between where the Aggies are in respect to the Utes, the game was closer than people thought.

Utah defense did just enough to win. The Utah defense that has been touted to be the driving force this season for the Utes, did not perform to the level of expectations. Utah defenders will bring up the point that the Aggies didn't convert a third down the entire game. Yet, the Aggies were still able to move the ball against the Utes. It was poor play calling that cost the Aggies on third and fourth down, which was one of the many signs during the game that Utah State had a rookie head coach. If Utah wants to maintain their spot at the top of the conference this season, then their defense will need to improve.

Utah's offense didn't manage the game. The thought before the season was that Utah's offense would manage the game, limiting their turnovers, and then allow their defense to control the field position. In the second half the Utes figured out that they could pound the ball on the ground through the weak Utah State defensive line. While the statistics look good on paper, the execution on the field was generally poor. The Utes have one more game to get their offense in order before they start face better defensive units.

Utah State blew opportunities. The Aggies marched down the field on the first drive of the game. Just that single drive proved that Utah State will be able to move the ball this season. Turbin also proved that he will be an elite running back in the Western Athletic Conference. The hit of the night occurred when Turbin knocked a Ute defender on his back and then sprinted for another five yards. Turbin is a physical runner that also has explosive speed. The real problem with the Utah State offense was the play calling. Too often they would go away from the spread offense that was successful for most of the game, especially on key third and fourth down plays. The Aggies never took advantage of any of the turnovers in the game, and also failed to give Borel time in the pocket. The good news is the adjustments that Utah State needs to make are tweaks and not major overhauls.

How about the new uniforms for the Aggies. The Mtn. was broadcasting the previous two Utah vs. Utah State games leading up to the game last night. One thing that was obvious is that Utah State now has a little more money in the football program. The uniforms the previous two seasons looked as if they were something a JV junior high team would wear. The color was bad, their was a lack of names on the back of the jersey, and everything about them scream second rate. A coach I had growing up taught me an important lesson, "Teams will play like they look." It might be subconscious, but teams will play better if they have nicer equipment. The Aggies looked like an actual college football team last night, and they played like an actual team too. Expect success from the new look Aggies.

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