BYU Wins Holy War

BYU Wins Holy War
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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mountain West Conference 2009 Power Rankings Week 3

A tough weekend for the Mountain West Conference...

The Mountain West Conference had another chance to prove itself over the weekend; however, the conference was unable to hold the momentum created since the Sugar Bowl last season. Utah looked bad in their loss to Oregon, and BYU was humiliated at home against a suspect Florida State team. TCU beat bad Texas State team, while UNLV and Colorado State held on to beat the WAC teams they were suppose to beat. Wyoming was blanked by a very bad Colorado team.

The down weekend proved one thing about the Mountain West Conference, the national media will hold the conference to a higher standard. The Mountain West Conference not only needs to be better than some of the major conferences, the Mountain West Conference needs to be perfect. I thought Mark May of ESPN best expressed this sentiment of a higher standard when he wrote after this weekend's games, "All the talk about the Mountain West getting an automatic bid into the BCS can stop. The best two teams from the conference (BYU and Utah) fell flat on their faces to unranked opponents."

While TCU would object to not being included as the best team in the conference, May's logic is flawed. USC lost to an unranked team in the PAC-10, just like Utah; however, May isn't claiming all of USC's past success is void. Ranked teams loss to unranked teams all the time, Florida lost to an unranked Mississippi team last season.

Did the Mountain West Conference look good this weekend? No. Yet, a single poor weekend does not prove the opponents of including the Mountain West Conference in the BCS correct. The Mountain West Conference is better this season than ever before from top to bottom.

Here are the week 3 rankings:

1)TCU - The Horned Frogs will be put to their first real test of the season. It is not only important for TCU to win this weekend to continue their goal of a BCS birth, but it is also important for them to save the conference from another embarrassing loss. A win this weekend would prove what many thought going into this season, that TCU is the team to beat in the Mountain West Conference.

Week 4 schedule: TCU @ Clemson

2)BYU - Last season BYU wasn't able to recover from a bad loss to TCU on the road. This season BYU has to recover from one of the most embarrassing home losses in school history. Florida State exposed BYU's defense. BYU will face a stiff challenge this weekend in a surprisingly 3-0 Colorado State. If BYU allows the effects of their loss to Florida State to linger, then BYU could be in real trouble this weekend.

Week 4 Schedule: Colorado State @ BYU

3)Colorado State - The Rams are 3-0, but they are a very shaky 3-0. The win over Colorado doesn't look nearly as impressive. Weber State also gave Colorado State a scare in their second game. The Rams did take care of Nevada, benefiting from five Nevada turnovers. Colorado State could open some eyes as they start conference play against BYU this weekend.

Week 4 Schedule: Colorado State @ BYU

4)UNLV - The Rebels are a single poor defensive play away from being 3-0. The Rebels are explosive on offense, and their team is extremely athletic. The Rebels have also learned how to play in close games. Although they didn't come out on top against Oregon State, the Rebels did put together an impressive late drive to take the lead. They also engineered a game winning drive against Hawaii. The Rebels will try to continue their impressive start against Wyoming as they start conference play.

Week 4 Schedule: UNLV @ Wyoming

5)Air Force - The Falcons were good last year, but they are another improved team from last season. Air Force is notorious for fading down the stretch due to the fatigue their athletes experience from their additional military training. Air Force might be looking ahead to Navy game, and might be setting themselves up for a trap game against San Diego State this weekend.

Week 4 schedule: San Diego State @ Air Force

6)Utah - The Utes were sloppy against Utah State, bad against San Jose State, and awful against Oregon. This is a rebuilding year for Utah, and in order to have success they need a healthy Matt Asiata. The Utes do not seem as if they have not found a strong team personality this season. With Louisville coming into Rice-Eccles the Utes better find a personality before this Saturday, or else they could be facing another loss.

Week 4 Schedule: Louisville @ Utah

7)San Diego State - This is were the big gap occurs in the conference talent. The Aztecs are a long ways back of the Utes in the power rankings. The Aztecs look good in stretches, and might put together a complete game and surprise a conference opponent. San Diego State could sneak up on Air Force this weekend.

Week 4 Schedule: San Diego State @ Air Force

8)Wyoming - The Cowboys looked bad, in a game against a bad Colorado team. They will have their hands full this weekend taking on a good UNLV team.

Week 4 Schedule: UNLV @ Wyoming

9)New Mexico - The Lobos have 29 total points this season in three games. This weekends game against New Mexico State could be their only chance at victory this entire season. New Mexico State has only beat Prairie View A&M, by three points. Set your Tivos for this slug fest.

Week 4 Schedule: New Mexico State @ New Mexico

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