BYU Wins Holy War

BYU Wins Holy War
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Monday, September 14, 2009

Mountain West Conference 2009 Power Rankings Week 2

Here are the Mountain West power rankings for the second week of college football...

1)BYU - The Cougars did what they were suppose to do in their game against Tulane. BYU dominated Tulane from the opening kickoff to the final whistle. Tulane is not a good team, but BYU for the most part didn't play down to the level of Tulane. Florida State should be a marquee game for BYU, although it has lost a lot of its luster because of the Seminoles loss to Miami, and near loss to Jacksonville State.

Week 3 Schedule:Florida State at BYU

2)TCU - In their first game of their season TCU dominated Virginia. TCU only gave up seven first downs, with three of them coming in the fourth quarter when the game was basically over. TCU didn't get a real test of how good they will be this season against Virginia, and won't this week against Texas State.

Week 3 Schedule:Texas State at TCU

3)Utah - Turnovers really burned the Utes, and kept San Jose State in the game. This rash of turnovers by the Ute offense isn't a shock. The shocking thing about the Ute turnovers is the fact that new quarterback Terrance Cain isn't responsible for more. Cain played very well in the game, which is a great sign for the Utes. The first two games were suppose to solidify the offense and prepare the Utes for their games against Oregon and Louisville. Oregon will be looking at this game against Utah as a must win to salvage their non-conference portion of the season. This Saturday's game will be very revealing for Utah.

Week 3 Schedule:Utah at Oregon

4)Colorado State - Suddenly Colorado State's win over Colorado doesn't look as substantial after Toledo humiliated Colorado last weekend. Also shocking was the fact that Colorado State needed to come back from behind in the fourth quarter to beat Weber State. Colorado State has to hope that Weber State was just a let down game after beating Colorado, and that they will be ready to deal with a Nevada team coming off a bye week, looking for something to prove after getting humiliated by Notre Dame.

Week 3 Schedule:Nevada at Colorado State

5)UNLV - A pass interference call on Oregon State's final drive game the Beavers a new set of downs, and a chance to march down the field for the game winning field goal. UNLV had the game won and let it slip away. UNLV needs to learn how to play up to their potential. UNLV has the talent to compete in the Mountain West, but what they lack is consistency. Hawaii should be a win for the Rebels after dropping a close game against Oregon State.

Week 3 Schedule:Hawaii at UNLV

6)Air Force - For three quarters of the game Air Force was in control. Air Force was just not able to finish off Minnesota on the road. A Minnesota touchdown off a fumble recovery sealed the Falcon's defeat. A trip to New Mexico to take on a terrible New Mexico team to start conference play should help heal the Falcon's wounds.

Week 3 Schedule:Air Force at New Mexico

7)San Diego State - The Aztecs continue to look improved from previous seasons. Of course looking at the past few seasons for San Diego State that isn't saying very much. Aztecs should beat Idaho in a contest of two somewhat improved teams.

Week 3 Schedule:San Diego State at Idaho

8)Wyoming - The Cowboys nearly took a lead into halftime against Texas at home, but the Longhorns woke up and scored thirty-five unanswered points. Wyoming has another chance to take on a Big 12 school this week, and this time they might have a chance to win. Wyoming could really gauge where they are as a football program. They could also help to put a few final nails in Coach Hawkins coffin, if they go to Colorado and come home with a win.

Week 3 Schedule:Wyoming at Colorado

9)New Mexico - New Mexico is the only team in the conference without a win, and it might be a while before the Lobos get their first win. It is going to be a very long and dreadful season for the Lobos.

Week 3 Schedule:Air Force at New Mexico

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