BYU Wins Holy War

BYU Wins Holy War
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Monday, March 9, 2009

How Much is Boozer Worth?

How much has Boozer made per game as a Jazz man?

The Jazz signed Boozer to a $68 million contract, for six years. It looks, and if you listen to what Boozer actually says(Cleveland fans just lit something on fire at the thought that anyone would take Boozer at his word), Boozer is going to opt out of his contract next season. The Jazz would owe Boozer $12.6 million next year, if he doesn't opt out.

With those numbers in mind how much have the Jazz paid to boozer for each of the games which he has played? So far Boozer has played 257 games as a member of the Utah Jazz, out of 410 games. Or roughly 62% of the Jazz's regular season games. Subtracting the $12.6 million from the overall $68 million, and not calculating the playoff games and pay, Boozer has earned $215,564.21 per game. If Boozer had played in every game he was contracted to play in, which would be asking quite a bit considering a normal players injury pattern, Boozer would have earned $135,121.96 per game.

Just a comparison here are some per game earnings this year. Paul Millsap who many considered could replace Boozer next year, if Boozer does opt out, makes (including the six games he missed due to injury) $9,726.60 per game.  

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Larry said...

I in many ways think the power forward is a product of Sloan's system. I think it showed that when Paul Millsap stepped in this year and has put up career numbers. I think no matter who we have at power forward will produce- I mean come on if we can make Matt Harpring useful anyone can be. I think with these next few seasons and the free agents that will be available Boozer is worth less to the Jazz then Millsap! There has to be more out there for Loozer's money! And I heard hes out for the Pacers game too- with some sort of sprained ego!