BYU Wins Holy War

BYU Wins Holy War
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Monday, January 26, 2009

Utah Jazz: Is It Time to Hit the Panic Button

If the Jazz continue to play poorly panic button talk will increase...

The Panic Button.

It seems that no matter how good a team is in the NBA there is a moment during the season that teams will think about pushing it. Every team has a different threshold that must be meet before pushing down hard on the button and thinking that the current season is a lost cause. Some like the Timber Wolves, Grizzles, and Thunder need to have the ball thrown up for the opening tip of the season. Others like the Clippers seem not to care enough to even find the panic button to push. The way that the current Jazz season has unfolded it might be time for the Jazz to start looking around for the panic button.

What does it mean to "hit the panic button?" It means that the current formulation and make-up of the team isn't working. That there needs to be some serious changes to the face of the franchise in order for it to take another step forward. In some cases this means taking quite a few steps back. The 76ers trading Allen Iverson to the Nuggets, or Shaq being traded from the Lakers to the Heat are two examples of teams taking a considerable number of steps back. Neither the 76ers or the Lakers received anything in return for their superstars, and both were far worse in the short term due to the deals. The Suns trading Marion for Shaq last season or the Harris for Kidd deal are examples of teams trying to trade a know commodity in hopes that an unknown piece will fit and take the team to the next level. in the case of both trades last year they proved poor decisions for the teams giving up known commodities.

The Jazz have problems.

Injuries to Kirilenko and Boozer have left the Jazz very thin for post players. Millsap and Okur have also been battling injuries all season, but have managed to stay on the court, for the most part. Yet, if either Millsap or Okur gets into foul trouble post-scoring comes to a grinding halt.

The Jazz have not been able to make defensive stops. This is a problem that started for the Jazz last season, and seemed to be resolved at the early stages of this season. The defense of the Jazz was the leading factor to the Jazz getting off to a quick start. Injuries, and lack of concentration have allowed other teams to put up big numbers against the Jazz, especially when the Jazz are on the road.

The Jazz need to make a decision about the current Jazz roster. Can these players that are currently on the roster take the Jazz to where they want to go, an NBA championship? If that answer is no, then it is time to hit the panic button and the Jazz need to start moving players. The time to make these moves are before the coming trade deadline.

If the Jazz do nothing they run the risk of not getting any value for the players that can opt out of the contract this season (Okur, Millsap, Korver, and Boozer). The Jazz organization is also saying that they think that once all the players on the current roster are healthy that they will be able to not only make the playoffs but win a championship.

The Jazz need to start playing better regardless of the injuries that they suffered. Yet, if the Jazz continue to play poorly then the front office of the Jazz will be looking at the panic button until the February 19th trade deadline. Each loss will put more pressure on O'Connor to push the button and make a big franchise altering deal.


Larr said...

Larry's rant: Jazz need to inherit Obama's theory of change. If anything else they will have more people buying into the Jazz if the right changes are made. It is far past time to hit the panic button, i love the Jazz but they aren't even close to competing with any other Western Conference Team in a play-off series.
What about the Aggies? 19-1 and not even ranked come on. They seriously need some consideration. There only loss was to ybu because rose is scared of the Spectrum, and rightfully so, but show some heart and guts and come up here to play us even though it would be a sure loss.
living right? anyone here about byu's recruits being treated to a party serving alcohol. and whats this about it being taken care of "in house?" you may have lost your biggest recuit ever. Good job whomever took them to that party. SO much for Bronco recuiting people who fit in at byu, face it you are just a sub par mid major school with average standards. What a joke. Any other student would face serious discipline, but not your football players. quit trying and saying you are something you aren't.
oh yeah 48-24 gotta love it!!! can't wait to play max hall again!!

Kate said...

I think you are crazy! You don't press the Panic button, to me the panic button isn't even on the table. Just think about this. D-Will and Boozer haven't played a game together this season!! Thats crazy, we don't know what our team is like because we haven't seen them this year. Look at the past when we had all players healthy, we were very good. Other teams around the league have been pressing the panic button like crazy. I hope the Jazz don't fall into that trap. Let us at least wait until after the All Star break to start talking about the panic button.