BYU Wins Holy War

BYU Wins Holy War
George, like Collie and Harline before him, is now still open!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Week 13 Mountain West Football Power Rankings

The "Holy War" Edition of the rankings...

This is the week of the greatest "Holy War" of all time. Two teams, one loss between them, and a chance at a BCS bowl on the line. If BYU wouldn't have got their butts kicked by TCU earlier in the season the game would be better, but this weekends game should still be really good. Here are the week 13 rankings:

1)Utah - Utah destroyed San Diego State, and has one game left. Utah controls their own destiny as far as getting into a BCS bowl game, and with some serious help Utah could make a case that they deserve a shot at the national title.

2)BYU - BYU woke from a "zombie like sleep" in the second half of the Air Force game. Whether it was Austin Collie calling the defense out at halftime or a change by the coaching staff something click. BYU took control of the game against a very good Air Force team, and wouldn't allow the Falcons to get any momentum built up to stage a comeback. If BYU can play like they did in the second half, then the Holy War is going to be excellent.

3)TCU - Horned Frogs get a great week for a bye, and have an additional week to prepare for Air Force. TCU will take care of business, and hope BYU will help them out by beating Utah giving the Horned Frogs a share of the Mountain West Title.

4)Air Force - The Falcons are a young team that played well against BYU, and Utah earlier in the season. The Cadets will represent the conference well in a bowl game.

5)UNLV - The Rebels keep their bowl hopes alive after knocking off Wyoming. One game remains between the Rebels and being bowl eligible.

6)Colorado State - The huge (ha ha I still don't buy that this is a big rivalry) Wyoming game is all that is keeping the Rams from becoming the sixth bowl eligible team from the Mountain West Conference. This would really help out the Colorado State program's rebuilding progress.

7)New Mexico - Disappointing year continues.

8)Wyoming - The Joe Glenn watch continues after the pokes can't hang on to beat UNLV.

9)San Diego State - AWFUL, BAD, PATHETIC! Is it basketball season yet?


Larr said...

Come on its rivalry week and we have to see a picture of the biggest jerk in ybu history. Get the most over rated player in MWC history, next to Luke Staley (maybe),off the front page and get a picture of a winner. Any UTE will do.

Jim said...

It is okay Larry sometimes people are scared by the Magic powers of Collie.