BYU Wins Holy War

BYU Wins Holy War
George, like Collie and Harline before him, is now still open!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Wife's Outburst: Week 7 Mountain West Football Predictions

Ashley takes over the predictions from Scott and I this week...

This week mine and Scott's schedules didn't work for us to make the predictions. We decided that we were just going to take a bye week and keep going next week. Yet, Ashley decided that she wanted to take a shot at predicting the games this week. Here are the standings from last week:

Mark [Last Week 7-3 (.700) Overall 44-22(.667)Head-to-Head 3-1-2]
Scott [Last Week 6-4 (.600) Overall 42-24(.636) Head-to-Head 1-3-2]

So here is Ashley's predictions for the week:

New Mexico at #9 BYU 4PM MT The Mtn

Okay...BYU will win against New Mexico. I have been to New Mexico and find it is pretty boring. There is nothing there. Cougars will beat the Lobos.

BYU 48 New Mexico 10

#14 Utah at Wyoming 12PM MT The Mtn

I am going to say Utah will win this one. Wyoming is an awful team. Just get in and get out. Utah has a really good team. Wyoming...not so much.

Utah 35 Wyoming 3

TCU at Colorado State 1:30PM MT CBS College

TCU isn't that great of a team. Colorado State will win this one because they don't have purple as their school color.

TCU 14 Colorado State 21

Air Force at San Diego State 7:30 PM MT The Mtn

Air Force will fly against San Diego State. Even though there is a naval base in San Diego, Air Force will come back with a vengeance after their loss against Navy last week. Go Falcons!

Air Force 38 San Diego State 14

Utah State at San Jose State 5:30 PM MT ESPNU

I don't think Utah State will win this game, but it will be a close one down to the wire. It will look like Utah State is going to win, but Utah State will get shafted and the officials will call a bad call and San Jose State will get the ball and be able to get a field goal...all because of the bad call.

San Jose State 24 Utah State 21

#4 LSU at #11 Florida 6PM MT CBSHD

LSU Tigers all the way. They have a better quarterback. Plus I always root for LSU. Go Tigers!

LSU 35 Florida 21

#1 Oklahoma vs. #5 Texas 10AM MT ABCHD

I think that Texas will win this game. Texas has a much better mascot and their fans are better. Go Longhorns!!

Texas 42 Oklahoma 24

#17 Oklahoma State at #3 Missouri 6PM MT ESPN2HD

Missouri will win this game. Oklahoma State won't be able to keep up with the Missouri Tigers.

Missouri 32 Oklahoma State 14

#6 Penn State at Wisconsin 6PM MT ESPNHD

Joe Paterno (yes...I know I am good!!) will lead the Penn State team to victory against Wisconsin. A lion will win big anytime they fight a badger.

Penn State 52 Wisconsin 9

1 comment:

Mark and Ashley Welling said...

6-3! I did pretty good. And I was just picking teams to pick them. The only ones I got wrong were: LSU/Florida, Oklahoma St./Missouri, and TCU/Colorado St. Maybe I should go head to head with Mark and Scott.....