BYU Wins Holy War

BYU Wins Holy War
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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Quick Hits: Utah Jazz, BYU Football, Utah State Football, MLB Playoffs, and More...

A quick look at many sports stories...

Could Andrei Kirilenko work? - Maybe.  It will all depend on AK's attitude.  Something that is very hard to judge until you see how Andrei plays on the court.  If AK doesn't feel like he is being snub by the move to the bench, then you might be looking at the sixth man of the year award winner.  Sure it stings a little to have your highest paid players be coming off the bench, but look at Manu Ginobili to see what AK could become.  The Spurs, like the Jazz, run a set offense that is based around the pick and roll.  Tim Duncan needs to be feed the ball early to get his game going, just like Carlos Boozer on the Jazz.  The problem in the past with AK has come with getting him touches early in the game.  Bringing him off the bench would solve that problem.  When Manu enters the game for the Spurs the post has normally been established, and the Spurs are looking to expand their offense.  That would be the same principle applied to AK and the Jazz.  It would be easier to get AK involved later in the first quarter keeping him happy.  A happy AK, is a great AK.  The Jazz struggled last season when Deron left the floor.  AK would be a stabilizing influence on the court with the younger/newer back-up point guards the Jazz have.  AK also plays well with Millsap, with both of them being active play makers that create instant offensive opportunities.  AK would also be playing more with Korver than Brewer.  That would help open up the Jazz offense.  Last season teams would pack their defenses into the paint knowing that neither Brewer or AK would beat them from the outside.  Korver being on the court would make the other team more honest, and AK would make-up for Korver's lack of defensive abilities.  Having AK come off the bench makes a lot of sense; however, it all hinges on Sloan selling AK on the idea.

BYU's defense yet to face a solid quarterback - This Saturday BYU face the New Mexico Lobos, and another quarterback that is sub-par.  New Mexico's quarterback Brad Gruner has yet to throw for more than 100 yard in a game.  His high came against Tulsa with 98 yards.  He has just 55 yards against New Mexico State, and 33 yards passing against Wyoming. Gruner doesn't look to be a quarterback that will challenge the secondary of the Cougars.  The poor level of opposing quarterbacks has made it is hard to judge just how good/bad BYU's defense is at this point in the season.  Sure, you could make a valid argument that Jake Locker is a good football player, and he was the quarterback of Washington.  Yet, Locker isn't a good quarterback, he is a good athlete.  His athleticism is what gave BYU problems.  IF Jake Locker had been able to complete a pass BYU's defense would have been in real trouble.  Looking ahead TCU's quarterback is not a great passer, and BYU's first real test will come against UNLV's Omar Clayton.  How much a test Clayton will be is debatable, but the Mountain West Conference is not a quarterback strong conference this season.  

Will Utah State carry away the momentum from the end of the BYU game - If the Aggies played the way they did in the fourth quarter against BYU every game, then they could compete with any team that they have left on their schedule.  It will be important for the Aggies to play well against San Jose State this weekend.  The Spartans are the first major non-ranked conference opponent that the Aggies face this season.  (Lets face it Idaho is not good at all. UNLV was a non-conference)Borel showed that he has the ability to move the Aggies' offense, and the defense proved they are able to get key stops against a good offense.  The Aggies are 1-4 right now, but they aren't going to be a cellar dweller in the WAC.  Winning on the road at a tough place to play (San Jose State's field is the worst kept field in all of college football.  It might be easier to play a football game in three feet of mud, because that is normally less mud than there is on San Jose State's field.) would help the Aggies going forward.

Time to jump on the Rays' bandwagon - As a Mets fan I find only one team left to rout for in the playoffs.  The Tampa Bay Rays.  Red Sox have won too much lately (which is a big difference from my Mets).  The Phillies are a divisional rival (I don't get people that cheer on teams inside their favorite teams division, after their team has been eliminated.  I hope the Phillies crash and burn!).  Their is too much history between the Dodgers and Mets to hope they win it all (Although I am hoping they destroy the Phillies and make it to the series).  The Rays are fun to watch, they are young, and the franchise has never done anything in the past.  Plus, I don't feel the guilt with jumping on the bandwagon, because if you watched a Rays' home game this season they had about 10-20 loyal fans in the stadium.  The rest of the people at the game were cheering for the other team.  All their fans are bandwagon fans!  It is cool because it is like seeing a fan base being born.  Go Rays!!!

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Kate said...

I also would like to see the Rays in the world series! But at the same time I think it would be cool to have Manny go back to Fenway. After watching the preseason so far for the jazz I like the way AK is playing. I think he plays much better without Boozer on the court. Trade Boozer?