BYU Wins Holy War

BYU Wins Holy War
George, like Collie and Harline before him, is now still open!

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Big Podcast Episode 7 - The Guestless Edition

We call it episode 8, but that is because we just can't count...

In Episode 7 we discuss...

  • What happened to BYU at TCU
  • The outlook of the Mountain West Conference 
  • The national polls
  • Utah's impressive win over Colorado State
  • The worst losses BYU football has ever suffered
  • An improbable story of one armed love
Download here (Right click and save as...) or listen with the player below...


Scott said...

I think TCU has the second/third best offense in the conference behind BYU and is about the same as Utah.

BYU-430 (313 pass, 117 rush)
Utah- 407 (223 pass, 184 rush)
TCU-403 (170 pass, 233 rush)

Scott said...

Ok guys, this was the best podcast to date. I was laughing my head off.

No way you can "date" someone without knowing that they are missing a hand/arm. I call BS too.

Welling MOJO = Scott not invited. I still don't know what I did...although it wasn't my fault the Wellings let a non Jazz fan watch them lose the the Mavs. The fact that I was there caused the Jazz to lose. I guess I was the fall guy. Once again, taking one for the team.

Top 5 BYU losses since 2000 (in no particular order and Utah games not included)

1) Boise State 2004-Matt Payne misses a chipshot...

2) Arizona 2006 - Best BYU team in a long time drops a game to a terrible Arizona team...last second field goal

3) TCU 2005 - Missed PAT in OT (BS non fumble on the goalline)

4) Tulsa 2007 - Outcoached

5) TCU 2008 - Outcoached again

Larr said...

"We're not as good as we thought we were,"-Max Hall (deseret news)

"I think, possibly, they just believed they were a top-eight or a top-10 team," Mendenhall said of his team. "I never had believed that or espoused that." (deseret news)

There you have it zoobies, your coaches and players can admit it, will you? Even they can acknowledge you are over rated and not a top team. Please, if they can see they aren't will you all admit to it too?

Taylor said...

Larr, Larr, Larr. I'm beginning to think you must be a closet BYU fan. How else could you be so knowledgeable about all of their press conference quotes? It seems that all of your posts have been about BYU... do you even follow any other teams? Not to mention the fact that you read this blog-- written by a life-long BYU fan with an admitted Cougar bias. At any rate, I am wondering who your comment is directed at because no one on this blog has been in denial about BYU's being overrated. If it makes you feel better, I feel that our current ranking is much more accurate and I am truthfully somewhat relieved that we were exposed on a Thursday night on the mtn rather than New Year's Day on ABC. So there you have it-- the admission you were seeking. But again, I'm not sure who was making any claims to the contrary.

But as always, I find your comments stimulating and thought-provoking and I only wish you said more. Do you have your own blog?

Larr said...

Taylor taylor taylor! ha ha I don't know what to think of your comments. Yes I know much about ybu and the reason i read it it cause my cousin is the creator of the blog. I have had many sports conversations with him and respect his opinion greatly. I was speaking to ybu fans in general when I want them to wake up and realize they are over rated. Have you listened to sports radio lately? Thats who I am referring to, not anyone specific. The reason I know so much is I just love sports, and love to read the paper! At heart I am a die-hard utah fan. I don't know how much I think they deserve their ranking either though. We will see when they get a shot at tcu, although it will be at home. And no I don't have a blog of my own. But thanks I think, I don't know a thing about you!DO I know you? Who are you?

Kate said...

I liked the podcast, but I think you need to let the one armed girl story go. Frankly i'm surprised that you put it on the podcast. Stick to sports it's what you're good at.

Larry, I will also admit as a byu fan that we were overrated. But at the same time I still think we didn't play our best against TCU. They kicked our butts for sure though. I guess we have a new "quest" now. The quest to beat UTAH!! ( I know, lame)