BYU Wins Holy War

BYU Wins Holy War
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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What do the Aggies Need to Do to Beat Utah?

The Aggies welcome #22 Utah to Logan this weekend, what do they need to do to have a chance at a victory against the utes...

With two games out of the way, the good news for the Aggies is that they are returning home to play the next three games at home. The bad news is two out of the three games are against in-state ranked rivals. Looking at the schedule before the season it was clear that the first five games would prove to be difficult for the Aggies. Yet how can the Aggies turn the season around? How can the Aggies beat Utah this weekend? Here are some steps that the Aggies need to follow to win this weekend.

#1 Believe in the victory - Last year it was hard to see any life in the Aggies. Utah St. got off to a lousy start, and it was clear in the body language of the team that they didn't have a burning knowledge that they could beat any team they played. At the end of the season there were some signs that the Aggies were gaining that confidence, but after a tough start this season it is important for the Aggies not to lose that taste of victory they got last season.

#2 Play the "us against the world" card - If there was ever a time when a team could legitimately use this mantra it is Utah State Nobody, absolutely nobody, in the media thinks that Utah State will be able to do anything this season, let alone in the game against the Utes. has the Aggies ranked #119 out of #119. (Most other rankings aren't much better) This mentality should be used to fired up the team. There shouldn't be a moment of preparation time in which the number 119 isn't displayed to let the team know what people think of them. Once this attitude is adopted the Aggies turn into a dangerous team. A team that is willing to take chances and go for broke on the field. Nobody expects anything from the Aggies, so there isn't anything to lose.

#3 Attack Brian Johnson!!! - The Aggies need to sell out on defense to attack Brian Johnson. The turning point in the Michigan game came when Michigan put constant pressure on Johnson. You have to force Johnson to make quick decisions and beat you through the air. So far this season Brian Johnson has made terrible decisions in the face of pressure. Johnson has been reluctant to leave the pocket for fear of injury. Against UNLV Johnson was hitting the Rebels corners in the hands with passes, the UNLV corners just didn't take advantage of the situation. Does this present the risk that the Aggies will give up big plays? Yes, but if they let Johnson sit in a pocket all game he will pick apart their secondary.

#4 Exploit the new Defensive Tackles - The Aggies need to test the defensive line early and often in the game. The Rebels found success early by using the power running of Summers against the Utes. Now with the season ending injury to Lei Talamaivao the Utes are thin at defensive tackle. Being able to move the ball on the ground will be the key to the Aggies having a chance for the win this Saturday.

#5 Start the gambler - Diondre Borel is only a sophomore, but he bring a game changing presence to the Aggies. He might take more chances and might make more mistakes, but he adds an element to the Aggie offense. The ability to make a game changing play. Coach Guy is keeping it a secret who will get the start this weekend, but if the Aggies want to have their best shot to win Borel is at the helm.

#6 Open up the playbook - It seems as if the offense of the Aggies has been rudimentary for the past two seasons. It is time to open up the entire playbook and try some wrinkle to challenge the defense of the Utes.

#7 Make it happen on the field! - Talk is cheap and there comes a time when you have to put aspirations into action to gain success. If the Aggies want to turn the corner and create a winning program they need to win.

The Aggies have the talent to beat the Utes. It is just a matter of displaying that talent on the field when they have the chance to play.

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