BYU Wins Holy War

BYU Wins Holy War
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Monday, September 22, 2008

Week 5 Mountain West Conference Power Rankings

Mountain West Conference is very good this year...

The Mountain West Conference is arguably the third best conference in college football this season. The SEC and the Big 12 both look very strong, but the PAC-10, Big East, Big 10, and ACC have been exposed this season. The Mountain West Conference has continued to flex its muscle against BCS conference teams, and have three teams that look to deserve a BCS bowl birth. Here are the power rankings for week 5:

1a)BYU - 103-0. The scary thing is the margin of victory in the last two games could have been much higher. BYU might be under ranked at #11. It will be interesting to see what happens to the Cougars in the polls during their bye week.

1b)Utah - Close win over a better than expected Air Force team. Defense only allows Air Force to gain 53 yards on the ground, but the offense gives Air Force great field position to start drives. If Utah can ever stop their half good/half bad football they will be a great team.

1c)TCU - The Horned Frogs could really make a statement this weekend against Oklahoma. A win for TCU would put them in the top spot in the conference, and for the non-BCS teams trying to get a BCS birth.

4a)Air Force - Air Force were a few defensive stops away from beating the Utes. The Cadets didn't put up great numbers, but they took advantage of the opportunities that Utah gave them. The Falcons could trip up one of the top teams, and will be looking to bring back the Commander and Chief Trophy to the academy this year.

4b)UNLV - The Rebels demonstrate that they will be competing for the fourth spot in the conference, and they have the talent to play with any team in the conference. This Rebel team is young, and look for their confidence to increase as the season progresses.

6)Colorado State - Big win by the Rams over Houston. 2-1 is a great start for Colorado State this season, but they enter a tough stretch of schedule(@CAL, UNLV, TCU, @Utah). It is a lot to ask, but a win at California would be great for the conference.

7)New Mexico - The Lobos lost their starting quarterback for the season. Lucky for the Lobos they are facing the New Mexico State Aggies this weekend, and it should be a good week to break in a new quarterback. The pressure will be on New Mexico, they need a win this weekend to try and salvage the season, and they need to continue their dominance against the NMSU Aggies.

8)Wyoming - It doesn't look good for Joe Glenn and the cowboys. Glenn stating after the game that he has no idea who will play quarterback for Wyoming for the rest of the season. Wyoming returns home to try and squeak out a victory over Bowling Green this weekend.

9)San Diego State - The Aztecs have a chance not only to cement their position at the bottom of the conference but gain a strangle hold on the #119 spot in all of college football if they lose at home against Idaho.


Anonymous said...

This doesn't really go here, but I didn't know where to put it.

I agree, BIG 10 = overrated. The Big 10 is just like all of the other conferences, good at the top and bad at the bottom. The only exception is the PAC 10 where USC is great and the rest of the conference is not very good. I hate how teams like Penn State, Texas Tech and others schedule cupcakes in the preseason. They will be exposed for what they really are. The MWC has three very good teams, but you can't tell me that the Big Ten doesn't have good teams towards the top of that conference.

As to the media, it is funny how everyone thinks that ESPN and the other media outlets are against them. That is just how it is. The Rose Bowl has more tradition than any other bowl game and it has been Pac 10-Big 10 for as long as most people can remember. I don't blame them for wanting to keep that tradition alive. What I do blame the Big 10 (and Pac 10 for that matter) is preventing college football from having a playoff system. Both of those conferences are totally against that. If you are going to be upset at a conference for any reason, be upset about that.

Larr said...

I am tired of hearing that byu's defense has pitched two shut-outs. Yes I know the scoreboard says to times byu has shut a team out. But let's think who they have shut out. First Wyoming, beat ohio from the mac conference by one, one point 21-20. They went on to North Dakota State and beat them by a whopping 3 points. 3!!!!! points. I am glad to hear the perfect cougars can handle such a dangerous offensive attack from wyoming who is 63rd in the nation in rushing and 114 in the nation in passing. And remember they built up these stats by playing ohio and division 2 North Dakota State! Second UCLA, who is 118 out of 120 in rushing and 81st in passing in the nation. They got handled by a terrible arizona team 31-10 and tennessee thier prize win got killed by Florida, thier rival at Tennessee. byu needs to play a decent offensive team before they say they have made a statement. Utah played the fifth ranked rushing team in the country and held them to 59 yards of rushing. I'm just saying to all you zoobies you are playing TERRIBLE teams so far. So you better be careful popping your mouths off about being perfect when you have not faced a decent offense all year. Be careful about all the "we have a bcs defense" talk. you haven't had to play anyone that has a remotely close to "bcs offense" now if you shut out penn state clemson utah tcu fresno state ohio state auburn and the rest of the top twenty five you are ranked over then I will eat my words. The national media has a point byu is way too over rated. They have a different perspective that isn't covered in stupid in "happy valley" That's it, they are over-rated! Enough said

Scott said...

I agree. I don't think that the defense is as good as everyone is saying it is. I don't think BYU as a team is overrated though. There just aren't a lot of top quality teams in college football this least it is too early to tell. BYU hasn't played a top "BCS offense" but who are the top BCS offenses...USC, Oklahoma, Missouri, etc...Most teams in football only play a few teams with a quality "BCS offense". It is too bad that the top teams don't play each other more. Then we would really know who is overrated and who belongs.

Larr said...

SI.COM ranks every team out of the 120 in the categories of total offense, total defence, points scored, and points allowed. I thought this was interesting when I saw it.
total off- 116
total def- 94
points for- 115
points against-110

total off- 98
total def- 119
points for-108
points against-117

WYOMING (stats from playing North Dakota St. and Ohio)
total off- 115
total def- 42
points for-118
points against-74

average from byu's first three opponents
total off- 109.6
total def- 85
points for-113.6
points against-100.3

They average more than 100 in three of four categories. TERRIBLE

to put this in perspective
San Diego State
total off- 105(better than byu first three opponents)
total def-106
points for- 110(better than byu first three opponents)
points against-89 better than byu first three opponents

the average national rank for byus opponents 81/120
They have not played a decent team. TERRIBLY OVER RATED!!!!

Mark said...

While I agree that the teams that BYU has played "Are who we thought they were." The way that BYU is beating teams demands that they are the highest ranked MWC team. Both in the power rankings and the polls. I would like to add to my rankings that I think every Mountain West team is under rated in the current polls. BYU should be at least 10, Utah 15 and TCU 19.