BYU Wins Holy War

BYU Wins Holy War
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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Week 2 Mountain West Conference Power Rankings

The first power ranking that is based on how teams actually played...

A strange week for the Mountain West Conference. Utah gets a big win over Michigan. BYU and TCU established themselves as the other powers in the conference this season. There isn't a strong fourth team in the conference this year. San Diego State losses to a D-1AA school...again.

1a)Utah - The Utes get the top spot this week after a big road win. The offense did disappear in the second half and they did let Michigan back into the ball game; however, the Utes in the first half were the best Mountain West team that played in week one.

1b)BYU - People are saying that BYU had three great and one terrible quarters. I would argue that they had a great game, and four bad plays. Cougars moved the ball at will against Northern Iowa. Can't afford that many turnovers for the rest of the season if they want to go undefeated.

3)TCU - I am officially pulling the overrated tag off of the Horned Frogs. They are now the third best team in the conference. Getting a big road conference win gives TCU a ton of momentum going into the rest of the season.

4)Air Force - The Falcons beat a bad SUU team. They proved that at least they can score some points after losing Hall and Carney. They will fight the rest of the season to stay at the number four spot in the conference.

5)UNLV - The win over the Aggies was huge for the Rebels. They now have a shot at starting staying positive after a brutal opening schedule.

6)Wyoming - The pokes survive a home game against Ohio...not a good sign for the pokes.

7)Colorado State - They kept the game close in the first half against Colorado. Look for CSU to rise up and compete to be bowl eligible this season.

8)New Mexico - The Lobos use the experience at quarterback to do the same thing, choke. They played without any heart against TCU.

Rock Bottom)San Diego State - The only thing SDSU has going is there is no way for the others schools to kick them out of the conference. To lose to Cal Poly once was bad, but twice...kick them out!

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