BYU Wins Holy War

BYU Wins Holy War
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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mark's Thoughts: Are the Utah State Aggies Lost for the Year?

This weekends game against Idaho might be the make or break game of the season for Utah State...

Where do the Aggies go after the 58-10 loss at the hands of the University of Utah? The Aggies are now 0-3. This outcome shouldn't come as any shock to people looking at their schedule before the season. Looking at the first five games the Aggies only had one that looked like a very winnable game. This weekend's contest against the University of Idaho. There was also a game in which they could compete for the win. That game was the home opener against UNLV. The other three games all were against ranked opponents: Oregon, Utah, and BYU. The Aggies haven't just dropped the games against Oregon and Utah, they were never in those games at any point.

With the Aggies being 0-3 it is very important for them to get a win at home against Idaho. A loss to Idaho could spell disaster for the remainder of the season. Coach Guy needs to prove that his program is heading in the right direction. It is very hard to sell that your program is heading in the right direction when you use the word "embarrassing" to describe your loss to the Utes, or saying your team is back at "ground level." If Coach Guy wants to have times to see the program turn around, then he must win this game against the Vandals.

It will be interesting to see how the Aggies play against the University of Idaho. This will show if the Aggies have raw talent that needs time to grow, or if they just don't have anything and need to blow up the current program. Attitude will be a key part of this weekends game.

While watching the Utah State game against Utah, it seemed like the Aggies weren't playing to win the game. They didn't come out with much energy and were content to take what Utah was going to give them in the game. Even when the Aggies got a lucky bounce and capitalized on great field position, they didn't use that momentum to create a sense that they could win the football game. It looked like the Aggies didn't think they had a chance, and played scared.

Against the Vandals the Aggies should be favored at home. In turn it will be interesting to see if the players come out with a swagger that this is a team that they should be able to handle. With that attitude the players will be making plays, and recovering from mistakes.

Getting a game in the win column is very important for the confidence of the team for the remainder or the season. Even though the first five games for the Aggies appear difficult, the remainder of the season doesn't get easier. After the BYU game the Aggies head out on the road to face a good San Jose State team, and Nevada. Both of those games are against opponents that Utah State should be able to compete with for a victory. Although it is always difficult to win on the road. Especially if the Aggies are still trying to win the first game of the season. Getting that first win would allow for them to play without the added pressure of a win less season.

Fresno State and Hawaii then come to Logan, both games that would be hard for the Aggies to pick up a win. Then the Aggies go on the road to face Boise State. It is hard for any team to beat the Broncos on the smurf turf. The last two games of the season for the Aggies start at Louisiana Tech, and home against the Aggies of New Mexico State. The schedule isn't favorable for the Aggies, with most of their winnable games coming on the road.

Yet, all of those winnable road wins become even more difficult if the Aggies don't pick up the first win of the season against Idaho this weekend. Realistically if the Aggies pick up a win this weekend; four wins isn't out of the question this season for the Aggies. Likewise if the Aggies drop this game against the Vandals, the Aggies might be playing New Mexico State at the end of the season in hopes of not going win less.

The time for moral victories came and went for the Aggies. There isn't a lot of positive things that have happened for the Aggies on the field this season. Yet, the time to save the season is this Saturday. The game against the Vandals is really the make or break game of the season not only for the Aggies for this season, but perhaps for the head coaching career of Coach Guy. The season can be turned around, but it must start this weekend.

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