BYU Wins Holy War

BYU Wins Holy War
George, like Collie and Harline before him, is now still open!

Monday, September 8, 2008


It has arrived!!! The long awaited intial BIG Podcast has arrived and can be listened to in the player below or downloaded directly here (right-click and save target as...).

Summary of what's discussed...

BYU VS. Washington
Utah State VS. Oregon

Welling Roundtable Discussion: DA Jazz with special guest Katie Welling

And much more...Check it out, leave your comments, feedback, make fun of us etc. Eventually we'll have a link up that you can subscribe directly to the podcast, but for right now you'll have to download manually...


scott said...

Who are those bums!!!

Just one point about Utah...the way to stop Utah is to get pressure on Johnson. You said it yourself, the second half of the Michigan game Utah only had 4 total yards. The reason they played so poorly was because Michigan pressured Johnson, whereas the first half they let Johnson pick them apart.

Good job only problem is when you said Michigan's D is overrated...Michigan is overrated, their D is not. They will end up being a top ten D this year. Sorry, I just can't get my Michigan bias out of my comments.

You guys weren't really prepared with the picks and scores...a couple dead spots during the podcast, but overall good job!

Amy Kohler said...

Good Job...very informative. I learned a lot. You better have me on the round table! I know where you sleep.

Kelsey K. Hartley said...

Boo-hoo Huskies? Just wait until next weekend when your purple unies get torn and smeared by the crimson tide of the Oklahoma Sooners. Then you'll really need the after game beers to make you think you deserved a win against BYU.

Freckles said...

Very nice.. do more i am interested! Job well done Mark!