BYU Wins Holy War

BYU Wins Holy War
George, like Collie and Harline before him, is now still open!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Utah Jazz: Projecting the Second Round

Reviewing the first round predictions, and predicting the second round...

The first round of the playoffs were good. The Western Conference races were great. The Eastern Conference races were BORING! All four of the series in the second round should be very entertaining. (Hopefully in the Eastern Conference)

My Record in the first round:
5 out of 8 (OUCH!!! Not a great first round record)

Here is the second round predictions:

Western Conference
#1 LA Lakers Vs. #4 Utah Jazz

Series Enjoyability Rating:1st of 4 (Best series to watch in round 2)

Story Lines: How will the Jazz stop Kobe? How will the Lakers stop Utah's inside game? Fisher's return to Utah in the playoffs.

Prediction: Jazz in 6. Kobe is a beast! Kobe is the best player in the NBA today. The Jazz don't have anyone on the team that can match-up with Kobe. He is too fast for Kirilenko, and he is to strong for Brewer. Yet, the Lakers don't have a single person that can stop Boozer if he would just take it to the hoop. Once the Jazz have enough time to put together a game plan then they should take control of this series. The first two games will make all of the differences in the series. The Jazz really need to pick up one of the first two on the road. They don't want to be going into game seven in Los Angeles facing elimination. It would also be hard for the Jazz to win four game in a row at any time in the series. Kobe has the ability to win this series for the Lakers, but I don't think that they have all the pieces to beat the Jazz in a series.

#2 New Orleans Hornets Vs. #3 San Antonio Spurs
Series Enjoyability Rating:2nd of 4

Story Lines: Will Chris Paul continue his dream run in the playoffs? Can Ginobili carry the team for an entire series?

Prediction: Hornets in 7. I thought that it would be very close in the second round between these two teams. The Hornets have the players to handle the Tim Duncan, and Toni Parker. Manu Ginobili is the wild card in the series. The Hornets don't have a player on the roster that can match-up with him. Yet, the Spurs do have the players to take the ball away from Chris Paul. Yet, David West and Peja Stojakovic should be wide open if the Spurs try to take the ball away from Chris Paul. The Hornets are built to beat the Spurs.

Eastern Conference
#1 Boston Celtics Vs. #4 Cleveland LeBrons
Series Enjoyability Rating:3rd of 4

Story Lines: Will LeBron continue to get the calls against the Celtics? Will the Celtics continue to under perform in the playoffs?

Prediction: Celtics in 7. I picked against the Lebrons in the first round of the playoffs. Why? The Cavaliers only have one weapon LeBron. Take a look over the rest of the roster...there isn't much there. Yet, LeBron put away the Wizards almost single handily in a very boring series on the court(the only interest in the series was the Jay-Z/Souja Boy feud). On paper the Celtics create too may mismatches for the Cavs to handle. What makes this series very interesting is the Celtic melt down in the first round. They should have blown out the Hawks in every game the way they did in game 7. Yet, Doc Rivers was out coached, the Celtics didn't have the killer instinct, and KG didn't play well on the road. I think the Celtics still have to much for the Cavs to handle. LeBron will win some games to make it a series, but the Celtics will win out in the end.

#2 Detroit Pistons Vs. #3 Orlando Magic
Series Enjoyability Rating:
4th of 4(Least entertaining series.)

Story Lines: Will the Pistons keep their focus, and not get over confident? Can Dwight Howard raise his game to yet another level?

Prediction: Pistons in 5. Every Piston fan should write a thank you letter to the 76ers' organization. The 76ers gave the Pistons a real wake-up call in the first round of the playoffs. The 76ers had the Pistons down 2-1 and trailing in game 4 of the series. The Pistons came out during the second half and turned around the series. Why should the Piston fans be happy about the Pistons taking so long to advance in the first round? It woke up the sleeping beast. The biggest problem the Pistons have is they don't have focus. They play as if they are basketball royalty, although they have only won a single title. If they play focused for the rest of the playoffs there isn't a team in the Eastern Conference they can't beat. Dwight Howard is a beast, and he stepped up his game in the first round; however, the Pistons have the players to slow him down. There are too many weapons on the Pistons for the Magic to contain.

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