BYU Wins Holy War

BYU Wins Holy War
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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sports Etiquette: When to Use "We"

A column dedicated to correcting sports behaviors...

That post always exists. The post on a message board criticising people for using the pronoun "we". The posts are usually about the same. An angry English junky telling people that they aren't on the team, and therefore, can't us we when referring to their team. The authors of these posts want a difference to be shown between people that are actually a member of the program, and people that want the program to succeed.

So is it correct to use the we term? It is debatable but Yes. There are certain rules that should be followed when using we.

1) Only use, "we" when you are an established fan of the team. If you have been routing for a team to succeed go ahead and drop the "we." You are a part of the franchise. Home court advantages for teams prove this point. The fans make a difference with the way a team performs on the court.

2) No bandwagon "we." If you aren't an established fan of a team, don't use the "we." Use the name of the team to refer to them. You might as well take out your man card and shred it for using the bandwagon "we" in any circumstance.

3) When leaving comments on message boards refer to rules 1 and 2. Also be sure to stand up for your right to use the "we." Don't let the message board jerks make you think twice about using it.

4) Avoid using it when you are around new people. If the person you are talking to doesn't know of your affiliation with a team than you come off as a bandwagon "we" guy.

5) Although fans are part of the organization, don't use the "we" when calling into a show with a coach/player. Phrase your questions with "you" rather than "we." The coaches and players are actually on the court and when talking strategy they are the ones making the plays.

6) When calling into a talk radio show, without a player/coach, follow rule one and two.

If you use it right than you will enjoy using "we."

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scott said...

Mark, I thought this post was directed at me...My problem occurs when I am talking to a Utahn and I drop the "we" in reference to Michigan or a Detroit team. I don't mean to, but it bad. Speaking of which, what happens when a team totally lets you down? Is it ok to stop using the "we" for a day or two to get over a tough loss? Do I even need to say who I am talking about...