BYU Wins Holy War

BYU Wins Holy War
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Monday, March 17, 2008

Quick Hits: BYU, Utah and Utah State's Tournament Births

Thoughts on tournament selections...

BYU - Once again the failure of the Cougars to win the conference tournament kills the seed they could have received in the NCAA tournament. An eight seed (or a nine seed) is the kiss of death in the tournament. The committee matches up two teams that they think are even, and the winner has to play a rested one seed in the next round. Texas A&M is arguably the best nine seed in the tournament this year. The only thing working for the Cougars in the first round is the location, Anaheim is a much better location for the Cougars than going back East; however, if they do get by A&M the location turns against them when they will have to face UCLA in the second round. The Cougars still have to play the games, but the outlook doesn't look good for their first tournament win in fifteen years.

Utah - CBI. Before yesterday not many people in Utah knew what it stood for, but the Utes are headed for the inaugural College Basketball Invitational. Yes, there is yet another post season tournament. A chance to play for the right to be called the 97th best team in all of college basketball. The tournament will be held on the home courts of the teams. The significant change from the NIT and NCAA tournaments is the addition of the best of three format in the finals. While that is a progressive and interesting idea for college basketball, isn't the addition of another tournament watering down the basketball postseason in the same way the excess of bowl games waters down the football season? The post season should be something earned, the CBI rewards mediocrity. The Utes open the tournament Wednesday at UTEP.

USU - Jaycee Carroll won't get to showcase his talents in the NCAA tournament in his senior year. Carroll has carried the Aggies this entire season, to a share of the WAC regular season crown. The Aggies didn't have enough to beat the Boise St. Broncos in the Wac tournament. Carroll does have the chance to try and lead the Aggies to New York in the NIT. Making a run in the NIT would cap a great finish to a season that the Aggies began 3-4, and the college career of Carroll. Illinois State 24-9 will be a tough opening round game. The Redbirds only loss at home this season was #18 Drake, by just three points. Carroll really has his work cut out for him to make some noise in the NIT.

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