BYU Wins Holy War

BYU Wins Holy War
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Friday, March 28, 2008

Mark's Thoughts: The Best Sports Radio in Utah

1280 The Zone vs. 1320 KFAN, breaking down show by show...

Editors Notes: Here is a link to the current "The Best Sports Radio in Utah, Volume II"

I am a sports radio junky. It is not only an excellent source of entertainment, but a great forum for voicing opinions about sports related topics. There are more than two sports stations in Utah, but there are only two that really matter. 1280 The Zone and 1320 KFAN. Both have overall solid content but here is a head-to-head guide comparing the two.

1320 KFAN DJ & PK In the Morning(David James & Patrick Kinahen) 6-10AM
1280 The Zone Manly Morning Show(John Lund & Hans Olsen) 6-10AM

When David James and Patrick Kinahen were with 1280 The Zone they were the kings of the morning sports shows in Utah. Then they took more money and moved, with most of their audience, to 1320 KFAN. With this change came the rise of John Lund and Hans Olsen for 1280 The Zone. The chemistry between Han and John is great and hilarious. Lund deserves the lion's share of the credit for his ability to set up Olsen's wackiness. With the move to 1320 KFAN the chemistry between James and Kinahen has gone down hill. Kinahen, known for his sarcastic whining, has become even more foul tempered, and James now comes off as disinterested. They are still entertaining, but not to the same level as they were when they were on 1280 The Zone. Content is really the deciding factor between the shows. DJ & PK get the much better interviews with local and national players/reporters. Overall I would have to give this match up to 1320's DJ & PK; however, it is close enough to switch back and forth during the commercials to catch segments of the Manly Morning Show.

1320 KFAN A-Game In The Afternoon(Alema Harrington & Dave Fox) 1-3PM
1280 The Zone Jake and Jim Show(Jake Scott & Jim Fuchuck) 1-3PM

There is a clear cut winner and loser in this situation. Jake and Jim blow A-Game out of the water. There is no good chemistry that exists between Harrington and Fox that translates over the radio. While Scott and Fuchuck are the most underrated radio tag-team in the market. Jake Scott, an admitted Utah fanatic(I really enjoy when the host will explain their biases and keep them in the open), is a good straight man for Fuchuck's type of humor. They are also able to attract good interviews to the lower rated early afternoon audience. Fox and Harrington on the other hand are unbearable to listen to for the most part. They have some good moments, but they are very few and far between. Fox is unattractively full of himself. I don't know if he is that way in real life or if it is just his radio personality, but either way it is not very pleasant to hear. Alema Harrington...we know you are from Hawaii, you don't need to keep reminding us of this fact with all of your comments. If you haven't yet discovered Jake and Jim make the switch and enjoy.

1320 KFAN Locked On Sports(David Locke) 3-6PM
1280 The Zone The Big Show(Gordon Monson & Kevin Graham) 3-7PM

The match up between Locked On Sports and The Big Show is the battle of the biggest egos in the market. Gordon Monson vs. David Locke, the battle of the bigheads. They both have different tactics of trying to prove their superiority to their listeners. Locke will establish a position and not deviate from that stance no matter what. While Monson is like that honors society nerd you sat next to in college classes that always tried to hijack lectures, because he thought he was on a higher mental plain then all the other good-for-nothings in the class. At least Locke likes to be challenged by callers with a differing point-of-view(as long as they acknowledge the validity of Locke's point-of-view);however, Monson will lash out at those callers not agreeing whole heartily with him. Kevin Graham is a terrible tag team partner for Monson, and it is really to bad that he is paired with Monson. Alone he is a very good host, with Monson he sounds like a hyper fourteen year old. Content is the difference maker. Locke interviews can't be matched by the Big Show. Locke might not be the best interviewer, but the lineup of stars he gets is awesome.


Jake said...

Great comparison. I totally agree with the verdicts on the shows. Another show worth mentioning is Game Night on 1320 right after David Locke's show. Scotty G always does a good job in my opinion...

Anonymous said...

very good calls, but Hans and John keep me laughing all day long with there antics

Anonymous said...

I also want to say that Scotty - G does a great job with his Game Night Show from 6-7 on 1320 KFAN. He is the wildcard for 1320! When other talent is out he fills in very will. Also Ben Bagley can also be a pleasant surprise. Where as Spencer Checkett on 1280 is awful!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I have to say, John and Hans have taken sports to the next level in this area. They are funny and a great combo. I love their show, it is all I listen to.