BYU Wins Holy War

BYU Wins Holy War
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Friday, February 22, 2008

Problems On the Mtn.

This segment of the Blog has taken a vacation during the football off season, but with word coming that the Mtn has finally made a deal with Direct TV it called for a special edition of, "Problems On the Mtn."

The San Diego Aztec Athletic Director, Jeff Schemmel, told reporters that the deal had been signed, and a press release would come out either Thursday or Friday. This is the best news the struggling and almost bankrupt network has ever had. If it is true. That is the rub. It is now almost 2pm MST on Friday, and no press release. Not only that, but no other AD or President is making any announcements about the television deal. All bad signs when it comes to the veracity of the comments given by Schemmel.

Jeff Schemmel is competing in a different type of sports market in San Diego. Interest in the Aztecs' athletics are little in comparison to the Padres, and the Chargers. To get anything into the main stream media he has to make a large splash. If it proves he is running on faulty information, there would be little backlash from the media, in his market. Not to imply he is making this story up. Just that contract negotiations do have a strange way of falling apart quickly. The negations with DirectTV and The Mtn have already had many other people calling the, "wolf," of completion. Virtually an unanimous message of, "wolf," completion came out prior to the beginning of the 2007-08 football season. ADs from the bulk of conference school keep leaking that the deal would be done with in the first month, or shortly there after.

Nothing would hurt The Mtn more, at this moment, than for this contract to fall through. It might be the final nail in the coffin of the network. There would be no better way to fire up all the fans with more anti-Mtn ranting then to make them think they have it on satellite and take it away again. Hopefully, for all parties involved, the press release is pending shortly.

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Mark said...

UPDATE: The MTN and DirectTV annouce the deal has been reached. Good day for the Mtn.