BYU Wins Holy War

BYU Wins Holy War
George, like Collie and Harline before him, is now still open!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Game Journal: Utah Jazz v Denver Nuggets 1/17/08

(Keep Refreshing as I will publish every few minutes. Please leave comments also I will address them as they come.)

7:06pm Boler and Boone are welcoming us back to the game, and we are about to see an entire segment dedicated to another terrible Bloer saying, "thunder and lightning." How many terrible saying do we need to hear before we can get someone who is good to announce the games?
7:13pm Quick start from the Jazz, it is good to see the shot of Memo falling. Need to keep up the intensity.
7:15pm Just saw that Joey Crawford is doing the game, that is always a bad sign for the Jazz. He is a Jazz killer.
7:16pm Memo looks like the Memo from last year.
7:17pm Crawford makes a questionable call regarding A.I. Any surprise?
7:16pm Memo hitting the threeeeeeeeee.
7:17pm Late whislte.....JOEY!!!
7:19pm A.I. is the man. He is one of few players I will pay money to see.
7:20pm AK is getting mugged underneath every time down by Melo.
7:22pm Brewer goes out and Korver comes in, I am actually really good with that. I like the way we play when he is on the floor. He is a two guard version of Harpring.
7:23pm 'Thunder n Lightning' meter- first reference of the night during the game.
7:24pm D-will is so good at setting people up
7:26pm Jazz 17- Nuggets 11 - Good start, need to continue to contain Melo and A.I.
7:27pm Jason Hart comes into the game way to early! Two fouls on Brewer and D-Will is not a good sign.
7:28pm Nuggets take bakc the lead within a minute of Hart coming into the game. Korver hits a big three. Hart takes a shot, a "push shot." How did we get this guy?
7:30pm I remember thinking a few years ago that AI had lost a step. NOPE! He just burned Hart and will continue to burn Hart as long as he is in the game. Melo runs over three guys, no call.....JOEY!!! AI falls down, must have been a foul....JOEY!!!
7:32pm I am glad to see the Mcrib is back. What better way to give Americans heart attacks than to do a two for one deal with the McRib?
7:33pm Jazz 24 Nuggets 24 AI going to the line to for three free throws.
7:35pm All-Star spots in the west are going to be very hard to come by. I only see one Jazz man making the team Booz. I think Williams is the second best PG in the west, but they are going to give the spot to Chris Paul.
7:36pm Booz misses free throw on a three point play, have to hit those. HARY IS THE WORST GUY RUNNING THE BREAK. He doesn't make anyone commit and gives it to the big wat to early. I love how Boone and Boler blaim the big running the break when they get called for a charge.
7:37pm Collins, Hart, Collins not the guys you want shooting the ball. Nuggets go on a run. We need a new point guard coming off the bench for D-Will.
7:39pm AI hit a shot after the buzzer, but I wouldn't be surprised to see JOEY count it somehow.
7:40pm End of the First Quarter Utah Jazz 28 Denver Nuggets 31
Sorry due to technical problems I have to wrap up the Journal early tonight. Nuggets on a run up 10.

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