BYU Wins Holy War

BYU Wins Holy War
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Friday, January 25, 2008

Basketball or Football?

Utah is a winter dominated area. It seems there are only four seasons: almost winter, winter, coming out of winter, and construction season. Due to the nature of Utah, that eliminates many summer sports from taking off in Utah. Baseball is in the forefront of that list, the time that baseball can be played in the state is just to short for it to go mainstream. There are other lower tier sports that have tried to contend for the top spot. Soccer being the major player in this division. There are more children in Utah that participate in Soccer than Baseball; well duh, baseball is only a male sport, while soccer is for male and female. Twice the base to draw from, the more that stat will shift. Will soccer ever be the main show in Utah, NO. American soccer is boring and slow. If you don't know someone that is playing the game (a relative) then you get nothing from watching the games. Some may argue that Soccer is the worlds game, and due to that, it is only a matter of time before Soccer takes over in the US. Yeah, when Americans use the Metric System, that will be the day that argument is true.

In Utah there are two juggernauts that are trying to take the place as top dog in the state, Football and Basketball. There is a case to be made for both:


  • The Utah Jazz are "really" the only Pro team in Utah
  • Utah now has a Minor League team with the Utah Flash
  • LDS Religion gives aid by having hoops in all church houses
  • Strong college programs: Utah, BYU, Utah St, UVU, and Weber St.


  • No NFL team in Utah; however, NFL is the top dog in the US and it shows
  • Most successful of all college programs in the last ten five years: BYU and Utah
  • Have a successful minor league team with the the Blaze (Top in attendance for the past two years)
  • Strong High School Football coverage over the last five years

So who is the top dog? Football at this point. During the Holy War weekend the Jazz could get blown out every game and it wouldn't be on the front four pages of the sports section.

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