BYU Wins Holy War

BYU Wins Holy War
George, like Collie and Harline before him, is now still open!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Mark's Thoughts: I Am Back

Well after a week of finals, followed by redoing the family room and kitchen in my Mother's house, I am back. Much has happened in the sports world since I last blogged, so instead of doing something on each issue I will just do one article of quick hits.

  • BYU basketball is for real: Yes BYU basketball is officially legit this year. This is quite the accomplishment by Coach Rose. He took a chance by playing a more up tempo type of basketball. This was looked down on because of the obvious lack of athleticism that BYU has. Yet, this quick hitting offense that lives and dies by the three has provided a way that this team can compete with any team in the Nation. After attended the BYU - Michigan St. game it was clear the only thing this team has left to learn is how to finish close games. In the win against Louisville they almost gave the game back to the Cardinals at the end, and they lost both the North Carolina and Michigan St games in the last five minutes. If they learn to finish look out they will be hard to beat.
  • BYU Football gets awful bowl game: The dream scenario didn't happen. The stars didn't align to let BYU into the BCS. Frankly, good thing they didn't. The two games they faced an offense that could throw the ball (Tulsa and San Diego St) their defense looked atrocious. The Secondary is still a huge issue for the Cougs, and something they need to take care of to take the next step next season into the BCS. Now they play in the Vegas Bowl once again, and they must now face a UCLA team that already beat them this season. This game is a trap game in the biggest way! If BYU beats a 6-6 UCLA game they get nothing for it. If they lose they will get no respect for some time. The conference champion needs to destroy a run of the mill Pac-10 team. The other part of the equation is the reason UCLA is terrible. Injuries. Did anybody wonder why the defense that man handled BYU went away against Utah? A starting Lineman, Linebacker, Corner, and Safety all went down in the BYU-UCLA game. They will be healthy for the bowl. Trap Game.
  • Utah St. wins two games. As I wrote earlier in the year Utah St was a team lost. No they are found. They should be able to build off these two wins and have a decent year next year. They need to remember what it took to win. Look for a pleasant surprise way up North next season.
  • The Jazz haven't won a game since my last post. I take responsibility for this losing streak, and it will end tonight. (Sorry Seattle if you knew what is good for you, you would have delayed the remodel even more.) Watching the losing streak has been interesting, because normally there is one flaw keeping teams from winning. This has been interesting in the fact that each night the adjustments have been made by the team and it is something new keeping them from winning. Poor defense, untimely turnovers, terrible shooting, stupid fouls, poor officiating (Side note: Joey Crawford, what have we done to offend thee? We of Jazz nation are sorry, was it the bald jokes? Was it our Tim Duncan type laughter in our arena at the way you run? Do we need to fight this one out? We'll do it if you will bury the hatchet. All we are saying Joey is....can't we make this thing work?), and great play from the other team. They haven't been out of any games in the losing streak, and their hasn't been one single player you can point at and say they need to step up. They need to get back to basics, run the offense, play hard nose D, and protect the ball. That will end this losing streak.
  • The suicide watch is over for Utah football fans. 4th and 18...magical. (That is my one reference about the Collie's comments) Sitting in the crowd next to two good Utah fans was great. After going up 10-9 they ran their mouths, they wanted to let out all the frustrations from the Harline play. It ended when Collie caught the ball. Utah fans, Utah fans. You enjoyed the glory year, and now it is over. Enjoy the quarterback that is more fragile then Curtis Boarchardt. Enjoy the play calling of Andy Ludwig. Enjoy the tight muscle shirts of Kyle Whittingham. (If you are a Ute fan good Christmas present to Kyle, new shirt. Tight isn't a nice look on Kyle.) Enjoy the win over Navy. If only you could play BYU like you play your bowl games.
  • D-Will getting no love in the All-Star balloting. If you are a Jazz fan beware. D-will is coming to the end of his contract, and is recognized around the league as the best young point in the league. What more could he want? Endorsements and recognition as a house hold name. Can he do that in Utah? According to All-Star voting...NO! Jerry Stackhouse, that is right Jerry Stackhouse has more All-Star votes then D-Will. That might send up a huge red flag to all Jazz fans, because D-Will puts a lot into recognition and fan support. If you want him to stay you might want to vote a few hundred times online.
  • Jerry get a mic. Who thought this was a good idea. Was anyone shocked that an F-bomb made it through the filter? Here are other promotion that ESPN/TNT can add to enhance the NBA experience. A live Satellite 24hr video feed of Jamal Tinsley, a behind the scene look at Isiah in the work place, anything to do with a Knick practice, and a reality show of Jason Kidd and his wife. The NBA were amazing happens.

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