BYU Wins Holy War

BYU Wins Holy War
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Friday, October 19, 2007

The Wife's Outburst: BYU students at the game

By: Mark's Wife (Ashley)

Why do people come to BYU games wearing pink, yellow, red (I think they got the schools mixed up! I remembered a couple years ago after Hurricane Katrina when a girl was selling RED BYU shirts to raise money. There should never be a red BYU shirt. This girl could not understand why people were not buying the shirts.), purple, and green--every color of the rainbow except blue and white. Last I checked those were the school colors--school pride (It is school spirit!) Girls, I know you want to look cute and impress the guys, but your at a football game. It is pointless trying to impress a guy (worth impressing) in this environment. He is so glued in to what is happening on the field that he is not even paying attention to you (sometimes I have to say my husbands name a couple of times to get his attention and even then I have a five second window to fit in any comment I have regardless of length). It makes me laugh about that they are trying to look cute, but they are not being practical. They don't pay attention to the elements. If it is cold outside, girls would rather freeze and look cute doing it than put on a coat and be warm. Guys-be a man and support the team: wear blue! You do not need to impress the girls that attend the football games.

Another thing that peeves me about BYU students is they come to games socialize and not watch the game. They will pay $20 to sit in a football stadium(and in this weeks case, freezing cold temps! The local weatherman has forecasted early morning rain turning to snow in the afternoon for the BYU vs. E. Washington football game on Saturday. The temperature is supposed to go from 47 degrees to 44 degrees; however, it will go from feeling like 42 degrees to 36 degrees. Who in their right mind is going to sit in the freezing cold rain possibly snow to watch BYU mutilate E. Washington?) and talk when they could have done that for free in the parking lot or at their apartment. They are annoying and they squeal in a high pitched, I am only faking my concern and care for you, voice, "Oh my gosh! How have you been? It has been such a long time!" What they are really saying is "I don't really like you, but I know you and since I am in a social setting and I want everyone to think I am a caring person I will pretend that I have a great concern for you."

I hope that people will understand that high school is now over. College and high school football games are very different. In high school you go to the games to socialize. Who cares how the team is doing? You only go to (1) look at the players in their tight pants and (2) socialize. That is the high school way of life. College is a bit different. You go to the games to support the team. Hopefully you have school spirit and you want to cheer on the team. Look at the Colleges and Universities in the South. They are some of the best examples of school spirit. The whole crowd, let alone the student section, is all in one color and they are cheering on their team. They are not sitting in a loud crowded place socializing--catching up on what happened last night with Jimmy. Their full undivided attention is on the game. BYU students and fans could learn a lot from these other schools.

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